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P.O. Box 132
Thornton, IL  60476-0132

To: WSVNRadio Artist
Re: WSVNRadio Compilation CD, Waiver

This is to inform the artist (___enter your name here_______), is eligible for a future WSVNRadio Hall of
compilation CD.

This confirms that the artist/group have agreed to let WSVNRadio allow one song and appropriate
artwork/photo for a future compilation CD, The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame.

Please provide the appropriate information below, regarding the song you will be contributing, and email
(preferred) or send by regular mail this signed document to WSVNRadio. There is no money to be made for
this compilation; it is a Promotional Item ONLY.

Due to cost factors, an optional payment of $9.95 will be charged for the supplies and shipping for this
compilation. Please indicate below, regarding your payment:

  • YES, I will pay for the CD copy for the cost of $9.95. Please indicate which payment below:

  • PayPal
  • Money Order
    (An invoice will be billed to your email.)

  • NO, I will appear on this compilation, but do not wish a CD copy. Please send all 20 mp3s to my email

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