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Point Of Grace

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October 10 - 16, 2021

Year of Release: 2006
Disc One:
  • I'll Be Believing
  • One More Broken Heart
  • Jesus Will Still Be There
  • Faith Hope And Love
  • I Have No Doubt
  • No More Pain
  • The Great Divide
  • Dying To Reach You
  • Gather At The River
  • God Is With Us
  • Love Like No Other
  • Keep The Candle Burning
    Disc Two:
  • You Are The Answer
  • Circle Of Friends
  • That's The Way It's Meant To Be
  • Steady On
  • Saving Grace
  • When The Wind Blows
  • Wonder Of It All
  • The Song Is Alive
  • Blue Skies
  • He Sends His Love
  • Praise Forevermore
  • Day By Day

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    Point of Grace is an all-female Contemporary Christian music vocal group. The current trio consists of Shelley Breen, Denise Jones, and Leigh Cappillino. The group started out as a quartet in 1991, with original members Breen and Jones, as well as Terry Jones and Heather Payne. Terry Jones left in November 2003 to spend more time with her family after the birth of her third child, with Cappillino joining in March 2004 for their 2004 release I Choose You. In June 2008, Payne announced her retirement from the group to spend more time with her family. The group's self-titled debut album was released in 1993. In 2003, they released their ninth album, 24 a compilation of 24 previous hits.

    That compilation, 24 is this week's Album Pick of the Week, and the debut of the all-female Christian group, Point Of Grace. 24 is a two-disc set, featuring 24 #1 radio singles. (NOTE: Since Billboard's Hot Christian Songs inception in 2003 to the present, Point Of Grace did not have any #1 singles. All 24 songs on this compilation were #1's, from 1993 to 2003. Although I myself, have not seen any of their songs listed as #1 in the year 1993. However, on Billboard's #1 Christian albums, Point Of Grace achieved four: Life, Love And Mysteries (1996), Steady On (1998), A Christmas Story (1999), and Free To Fly (2001). From the debut in 1993 to the year 2017, they have released 11 studio albums, 5 Christmas albums, 1 remix album, 3 video albums, and 4 compilation albums, of which 24 is from.

    Disc One...

    From the liner notes - Point Of Grace speaks about 24: When we had four number ones from the first album, which was a record for a debut artist, they had this huge party for us at an Italian resturant. They had a big picture of the Mona Lisa near the door, and they took it down and put a big picture of us there. I thought, "WE HAVE MADE IT. THIS IS A BIG DEAL." There are six songs from their self-titled debut album on the 24 compilation: Point Of Grace (1993), "I'll Be Believing" {November 1993}, "One More Broken Heart" {February 1994}, "Jesus Will Still Be There" {April 1994}, "Faith, Hope And Love" {August 1994}, "I Have No Doubt" {November 1994}, and "No More Pain" {December 1994}. These six songs provide Christian music mixed with Pop and Soul/R&B genres. One R&B group to mention in comparison to Point Of Grace's "R&B", is SWV (Sisters With Voices). They were also popular in 1993, with a #1 Pop hit, "Weak." From the six songs, "Faith, Hope And Love" gets the top nod; having a great Gospel/R&B sound.

    As they mentioned that there were four number one songs from the first album, I'm curious which chart this was referred from, likewise those four number one song titles.

    The next five songs were from the album The Whole Truth (1995): "The Great Divide" {March 1995}, "Dying To Reach You" {June 1995}, "Gather At The River" {September 1995}, "God Is With Us" {January 1996}, and "Love Like No Other" {April 1996}. All of these songs are Pop-styled, all in great Christian form. Of the six, "Gather At The River" gets the nod. It has more of a Rock style, fitting both the Rock and Pop styles.

    More from the liner notes, Point Of Grace speaks About 24: Then we reached ten number ones. That was a really neat time. Word (their record label) put on this huge party at a resturant, and our familes got to come. They gave us these ten #1 plaques. But then the pressure started hitting -- the next one has to be #1, and the next one. The pressure kind of got intense for the poor radio guys. They were all scared to death.

    Then we reached ten number ones -- What were they? Again, my research of the #1 songs inception "started" in 2003. Asking again - What chart was referred from, and what were those song titles? Did Billboard have a Christian songs chart prior to 2003?

    Ending the first disc is the start of four songs from the album Life, Love And Mysteries (1996) - "Keep The Candle Burning" {September 1996} - another great Pop-styled track.

    Disc Two...

    Disc two starts with the remaining three tracks from Life, Love And Mysteries: "You Are The Answer" {January 1997}, "Circle Of Friends" {April 1997}, and "That's The Way It's Meant To Be" {September 1997}. "You Are The Answer" could pass as song for Country playlists. Likewise, "Circle Of Friends." The Pop style gets "That's The Way It's Meant To Be." The "country-styled" tunes gets the nod here, from the four songs.

    More from the liner notes, Point Of Grace speaks About 24: WE'VE REALLY TRIED NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT, but that was really hard not to, especially when the number got up to the teens. If one of us had the lead vocal, we didn't want that song to be the one that didn't go to number one.

    NOW, I want to see that pre-2003 Christian #1 songs list!

    Five songs from the 1998 album Steady On: "Steady On" {August 1998}, "Saving Grace" {November 1998}, "When The Wind Blows" {February 1999}, "The Wonder Of It All" {February 1999}, and "The Song Is Alive" {December 1999}. Good mix of Pop and Gospel on these tracks, and just a touch of R&B. Of the five, "The Wonder Of It All" gets the nod; it's soulful; somehow I have heard this song before... Maybe it was recorded by Michael W. Smith. He co-wrote it. It is a great track.

    The remaining five songs were from the 2001 album Free To Fly: "Blue Skies" {May 2001}, "He Sends His Love" {November 2001}, "Please Forevermore" {November 2001}, and "Day By Day" {2003}. Another good mix of Pop and Gospel, "He Sends His Love" gets the nod, from the five.

    Lastly, from the liner notes, Point Of Grace speaks About 24: It was amazing when we hit 20 #1's. We thought "HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING?' Then it was 24 consecutive #1's! We were just so honored. We felt the audience saying, "We love you and love what you're doing. Keep on doing it." And that's a great feeling.

    YES, 24 consecutive #1's! ... A great achievement to have a #1 song, but to have 24 (and for some, more than that), that is an HONOR!

    If it wasn't for the #1 albums that Point Of Grace achieved in 2003 and afterward, I would have never known of this group. Knowing that they had 24 #1 hits prior to 2003 from this compilation, I'm curious to know what they were, and the other songs by other Christian artists. These 24 songs were from 5 of their albums, of which three were #1: Life, Love And Mysteries, Steady On, and Free To Fly. All of these albums will be reviewed here at later dates.

    Christian music has been around, long before 2003 (Billboard's Hot Christian Songs) - the 1960s and beyond have had it. What Christian chart was followed throughout those decades, and what were those many #1 songs and artists? Christian music has provided great music, and great Christian artists. Researching and learning the many songs and artists from those early decades mentioned would be extremely interesting. I know that Bill Gaither was one of those early artists, as his music has been with us since the 1950s.

    For an introduction to Point Of Grace, 24 would be a good start. 24 songs from their first 5 albums, and all 24 were #1 songs for them. Although a "best of/greatest hits" may not be enough, to listen to the original albums these songs came from. All 24 songs here are great Christian songs. Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, even a bit of Country. It's all here. Point Of Grace is a great Christian group to discover. 24 is not only that "best of/greatest hits" compilation, even song here has accomplished what many groups and artists dream of - having a #1 song. In Point Of Grace's case, 24 of them.

    And did I mention, that this 24 compilation was from the Goodwill collection? Yes it is.

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