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Swing Out Sister
"The Best Of Swing Out Sister: The Millennium Collection"

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March 12 - 18, 2023

Year of Release: 2001
  • Breakout
  • Surrender
  • Twilight World
  • You On My Mind
  • Waiting Game
  • Forever Blue
  • Notgonnachange
  • Am I The Same Girl
  • Better Make It Better
  • La La Means I Love You
  • Who's Been Sleeping

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    As many albums the British Pop group Swing Out Sister recorded, for those who remember them, they will remember a few songs that made them popular. Of those few songs, two would become #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart: "Breakout," and "Am I The Same Girl." As for the others, they were probably more popular in their British country, rather than here in the U.S. But if its the great Pop song you're looking for, Swing Out Sister has that. And their Best Of Swing Out Sister: The 20th Century Millennium Collection features 11 songs from their many albums that they released.

    "Breakout" leads off that twelve, and for those who were around in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, this song is obviously a song that was heavily played, and easily to remember. "Surrender" was another hit for SOS recorded, likewise "Twilight World" -- but both of them doesn't ring memory bells in the popular song category for me. But, they are very good Pop-sounding songs for that Pop-filled '80s and '90s years. "You On My Mind" has a great Pop sound, and could pass as a very good Broadway sounding tune as well. "Waiting Game" was another hit, but no memory bells for me. Yet it is as upbeat as their memorable hit, "Breakout."

    As this compilation covers the mid-80s to mid-90s (1985-1995 to be exact), more of the group's Pop sound is heard... "Forever Blue" is laid back Pop, and it does have a soulful sound. "Notgonnachange" continues the group's easy Pop style. "Am I The Same Girl" (the other #1) is best remembered as an instrumental, by Eugene Record. (That name may not be a regular, but his instrumental version and piano-driven you will easily remember.) SOS adds vocals to this tune, and as I may not remember the SOS version, it's the instrumental version that (most likely) everyone will remember. "Better Make It Better" has the laid-back Pop, and it is a "better" song, as well as the others. "La La Means I Love You" (in just the song title), must be the Delfonics remake. And this song would be another good remake for SOS, and it is. SOS' version is a bit different than the Delfonics' original, yet SOS brings its own Pop style to a Soul classic. And it works for SOS. Ending the album is another Pop and Soul, "Who's Been Sleeping."

    Originally a duo, SOS (the name from an obscure Billie Burke "B" musical from the 1940s, a 1945 movie, called Swing Out, Sister.) It was the name Swing Out Sister that they all agreed on, however, it was a name that they all hated. Agree to Disagree? The original duo were Andy Connell (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums). Singer Corinne Drewery would join later. And in later years, SOS would become a duo again, as Martin Jackson left the group. It would be Drewery's voice that would stand out. And listening to this compilation, her voice shines on every track. Her voice is Pop, and even can be cagtegorized as Soul, and R&B. It's the voice that makes Swing Out Sister, and Corinne Drewery has that.

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