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Bill Tucker

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May 07 - 13, 2023

Year of Release: 2006
  • Down In The Little Woods
  • That's My Car
  • Shadows On The Run
  • I'll Be By Your Side
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Till The Day That I Die
  • When Children Grow Up
  • Been A Month Of Sundays

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    From the WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 18 - Bill Tucker and his album Briadale. From that album, "Shadows On The Run" was the song selected for Volume 18.

    "Down In The Little Woods" start the album, being an acoustic guitar instrumental. "That's My Car" features Jeff Askew on lead guitar. It's a cool tune, with a basic rock feel. The later years of the Beatles, especially Lennon, and a touch of Electric Light Orchestra reflects on the next track, "Shadows On The Run." "I'll Be By Your Side" also has a late Beatles' Lennon/McCartney touch.

    "Let Freedom Ring" is your basic rock, and quite pleasant. "Till The Day That I Die" turns at 180 angle, being more of a blues track. And, the guitars are compared to the late Beatles on the John Lennon side, or even Paul McCartney & Wings's "Let Me Roll It." This track is quite impressive. "When Children Grow Up" has a great Pop sound, and, another impressive tune. And ending the album is another impressive Pop tune, "Been A Month Of Sundays," an instrumental.

    The great Pop sound is heard on Bill Tucker's "Briardale." At the time in 2006, his information and the Briardale album was on CDBaby.com. His place on CDBaby is no longer there, and there wasn't a main website for him and his music. However, his music (especially Briardale) is on various other music websites, by simply Googling his name and the album title Briardale. I did find more of his albums on Spotify. Thank you, Bill Tucker, for being part of our Hall of Fame family. The Briardale is a nice album to listen to.

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