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Mark Chesnutt
"Greatest Hit"

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July 09 - 15, 2023

Year of Release: 1996
  • Bubba Shot The Jukebox
  • Too Cold At Home
  • Blame It On Texas
  • Almost Goodbye
  • It's A Little Too Late
  • Ol' Country
  • Brother Jukebox
  • Gonna Get A Life
  • Let It Rain
  • It Sure Is Monday
  • Goin' Through The Big D
  • I'll Think Of Something

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    From 1990 to 1997, one of Country's popular stars was Mark Chesnutt. Unfortunately, I didn't follow Country as much as I would have liked in the 1990s. Mark Chesnutt was one of those artists that I really didn't know of. There were obvious favorites from that decade that I had known, however, in researching the Country genre's #1 hits, Mark Chesnutt had quite a number of them - a total of 8. From those 8, six of them appear on his Greatest Hits compilation, released in 1996. Those 5 hits were: "Brother Jukebox" (1991; 2 weeks), "I'll Think Of Something" (1992; 1 week), "It Sure Is Monday" (1993; 1 week), "Almost Goodbye" (1993; 1 week), "Gonna Get A Life" (1995; 1 week), and "It's A Little Too Late" (1997; 2 weeks). (All six #1 hits are exceptially great songs, and it's no doubt that he would become a Country favorite. And, back in the 1990s decade, Country Music had fitted it's title - Mark Country IS Country.

    "Bubba Shot The Jukebox" (1992) (Great title!) is a great Country song and Country line dancer. "Too Cold At Home" (1990) is a slow number, and it's another great Country tune. "Blame It On Texas" (1991) gets the honky-tonk touch, and yes, it's another great Country tune. "Almost Goodbye" (1993), is the title track from his album, a #1 hit, as it is another great slow number, and it's kind of sounding like another future popular artist, Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life." (The Almost Goodbye album would also include another #1 hit for Chesnutt, "I Just Wanted You To Know", which is NOT on this compilation.) "It's A Little Too Late" (#1 in 1997) is another great honky tonk'er, as it compares to that of John MIchael Montgomery's great honky-tonk'ers. "Ol' Country" (1993), is also another great slow number. (Chesnutt's slow numbers are great; and those songs gets the comparison to the great George Strait's slow numbers by him.)

    "Brother Jukebox" (#1, 1991) is just so cool. If you haven't heard this one, I highly recommend it. Honky-Tonk'in and line dancing gets the #1 "Gonna Get A Life" (1995). If you like Brooks & Dunn's honky-tonk'ers, you'll like this one. "Let It Rain" is (once again), another great slow number. The #1 from 1993 "It Sure Is Monday" is next, as it is another good upbeat Country tune, and it has a great title for Country. Don't we always say "It Sure Is Monday" - going back to work? Another great honky-tonk'er is the next tune, "Goin' Through The Big D" (1994). Ending the album is the #1 hit ballad, "I'll Think Of Something" (1992).

    Mark Chesnutt's Country music is just sure great. As mentioned, I really didn't know of his music, during the 1990s decade. (Another artist I wasn't aware of either, was Keith Whitley; another great Country artist, who left us way too soon.) If you enjoy Country's Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, and John Michael Montgomery, you'll enjoy Mark Chesnutt. Of the eight #1 ones, six are here, the other two were "I Just Wanted You to Know" and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (which was a huge hit by Aerosmith from the movie Armageddon Like Chesnutt's version, both he and Aerosmith reached #1 with their versions.)

    Mark Chesnutt is a great COUNTRY artist. He has released many albums since his album I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (1999). His latest album was released in 2018, a tribute album. His Greatest Hits compilation is a great introduction to his music. Country Music. Being a great introduction, that was how I discovered him. And later on, his "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" is as exceptional as the Aersomith version. (This also happened with the song "I Swear" covered by John Michael Montgomery and All-4-One. (I had already known of JMM's music, before Chesnutt's.)

    If you're a fan of (good) Country, and are unaware of Mark Chesnutt, listen to his Greatest Hit compilation. You'll be glad you did.

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