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Think Of 3
"Dawn Of A New Day"

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September 05 - 11, 2021

Year of Release: 2000
  • The Beginning
  • Questions
  • Know Me
  • The Chase
  • Dawn Of A New Day
  • Hard To Die
  • Why
  • How Can You Sleep
  • Pondering The Testimony
  • Satan;s Children And The Morning After
  • Questions (Remix)
  • Dawn Of A New Day (Remix)

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    This week, we feature a Christian band, from The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume III -- Think Of 3. A remix of "Don't Ask Me" was part of a compilation, United By Grace released by Quickstar Productions. Two other songs, "Freedom Blues" and "Somewhere" were featured on another compilation from Serenity House, to benefit a hospice, in Dolyestown, Pennsylvania. And, let us not forget, their "Dawn Of A New Day" track, on the WSVNRadio compilation, and "Freedom Blues" on another WSVNRadio compilation, WSVNRadio Blues.

    Led by James D. Harvey, their album Dawn Of A New Day was released in 2000. Other albums released were: Train To Glory (2014), Light My Way (2015). Click here for more Bio information. Think Of 3's Dawn Of A New Day gets the nod, as our Album Pick of the Week.

    Dawn Of A New Day has a great Hard/Alt Rock sound. As one review compared their sound to 1990s Alt-Rock. With its great Hard/Alt Rock sound and Christan themes, there is no doubt that the band's sound and lyrics will be a pleasant experience for the Rock fan.

    "The Beginning" has the wedding theme, most specifically, where the groom takes his bride to be his wife -- "I Do." Then, with its great Hard Rock sound, "Questions" rocks it's way into the start of a good album. (It also has a remix towards the end of the album.) "Know Me" continues with it's more Theatrical-styled sound. "The Chase" has the spoken word format, with it's Christian themed story.

    The title track is definitely a hit, and, like "Questions," it also has a remix towards the end of the album. What stands out on "Hard To Die," is the spanish flavored guitar. A definitely highlight, and another impressive track. "Why" has a heavy rock sound, and is almost psychedelic. Just as in "KNow Me," "How Can You Sleep" also has it's own Theatrical sound. Another spoken word, Christian themed story is heard on "Pondering The Testimony."

    Then there is "Satan's Children And The Morning After" -- A Hard (Christian) Rock style, and has more of a Concept track feel. It has the sounds of police sirens, and violence. Another impressive track, as Think Of 3 creates a theatrical and concept approach. They could just develop their own "Concept Album." The remixes of "Questions" and the title track closes out the album.

    An Amazon review:
    Think of 3 is a Christian band from south-eastern PA. Eclectic and fun, this Think of 3 album precedes their current bluesy-rock sound and taps into a quirky retro sound, more reminiscent of 1990s alt-rock. Despite the staff changes that have occurred since then and their change in musical style, this album is worth the time for any true lover of Think of 3, whether for the songs themselves (my favorites are Hard To Die & Questions), or simply for their historical value as part of the Think of 3 story. The messages on this album are as deep as ever, addressing topics of unbelief, as well as various situations that occur in the life of a struggling believer.

    The messages in Christian songs are what stands out, and Think of 3 does this, extremely well, throughout the album.

    The hard rock sound and Christian themed messages are a great mix together on Think Of 3's Dawn Of A New Day James D. Harvey is the primary leader of the band, as he continues performing. You can check out his music, at: www.ThinkOf3Band.com, or at ReverbNation, at https://www.reverbnation.com/thinkof3.
    We are proud to have Think of 3 as part of the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame Family.

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