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Rolling Stones
"England's Newest Hit Makers"

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January 24 - 30, 2021

Year of Release: 1964
  • Not Fade Away
  • Route 66
  • I Just Want To Make Love To You
  • Honest I Do
  • Now I've Got A Witness
  • Little By Little
  • I'm A King Bee
  • Carol
  • Tell Me
  • Can I Get A Witness
  • You Can Make It If You Try
  • Walking The Dog

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    This... is how it all... began.... The Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts.... The band was named after the Muddy Waters song, "Rolling Stone." The year was 1964, the British Invasion was emerging. The U.S, was grieving over the assasination of President John F. Kennedy. A change was due, a change was coming, in the form of Rock and Roll music. Two of the biggest bands from Britian would launch a new chapter in Rock music. The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.

    The Rolling Stones' debut, England's Newest Hit Makers would introduce the music world of a new band. The "bad boys" of rock and roll, as they provided themselves. 50+ years later, The Stones are still together, despite a few personnel changes. As long as Mick Jagger and the "never gets old enough" Keith Richards, the Stones still make new music, and tour, off and on.

    As we travel in our time machine, back to 1964, and the Stones' debut, it really is a Blues album, rather than Rock and Roll. No doubt, "the Blues made a baby, and they names it Rock & Roll." The songs on this debut does display the Blues, and yes, as one of their songs would be in the next decade (1970s), "it's only Rock & Roll, but I like it." It's all rock and roll, and, the Blues here.

    The Buddy Holly song "Not Fade Away" starts out the album, as the Stones' version was a regular song, heard on many stations, and continues today. Another remake, is "Route 66." Like the Buddy Holly song, the Stones' version of "Route 66" is another great rock and roll tune. And another great remake follows, as many bands after the Stones had covered it - "I Just Want To Make Love To You." (Another group that would cover this tune very well, was Foghat.)

    Then there are the tunes from this debut, that you probably have never heard of. By saying that, they are all recorded extremely well by the Stones. "Honest I Do" was written by Jimmy Reed (another great artist, if you have not discovered him). The true slow blues is heard in this song by the Stones. "Now I've Got A Witness" is an instruemntal, a 3 chord upbeat boogie, where Mich Jagger provides great harmonica. "Little By Little" is another fast, and upbeat track, and it has the Blues, yet it is also Rock & Roll.

    "I'm A King Bee""Carol" was penned by Chuck Berry, and although Berry's original recording of this song is quite better than the Stones' version, you have to give Mick and the boys credit in how they recorded their own take of the Chuck Berry classic. (If you're not familiar with Chuck Berry's version, it is well worth it, to give it a listen.)

    Like Lennon and McCartney, Jagger and Richards (who would later be named The Glimmer Twins) would write their own songs as well. "Tell Me" is one of those Jagger/Richard songs, and is one of those "lost songs"; that is not heard enough of., and a great tune. "Can I Get A Witness" was written by the team of Holland/Dozier/Holland, who would later pen great Motown classics. The Stones' version is upbeat rock/blues, and reminds me of the ol' oldies tune, "I Like Bread and Butter" by The Newbeats. The slow, driven style is heard on "You Can Make It If You Try," a nice tune, and well recorded. The album closes with a groovin' little rock and blues number, "Walking The Dog," as this song should be discovered, if not already. It's another "lost gem" by the Stones.

    England's Newest Hit Makers is a look back on how the Stones first started. They sure came far in their upcoming hit songs, and albums. As they, and the Beatles dominated the British music scene with many other of their fellow British bands and artists. Not many of those British talents would be still together. Not even the Beatles. But the Rolling Stones are still around, recording, and touring, when they can. Although they recorded new material throughout the past 50+ decades, their prime years were definitely the mid-1960s through the 1980s. Many of their songs are still part of many oldies formats. Such as in Sirius XM. You will hear their songs on the '60s, '70s, and '80s channels. Maybe on a '90s channel(?) Yet the 1960s through the 1980s contained classic Rolling Stones tunes. "Satisfaction" would definitely be the most familiar song by them in the '60s. "Brown Sugar" for the '70s. "Start Me Up" for the '80s. And on some stations, you may just hear those "lost gem" tunes. The Rolling Stones have recorded great music, and is cherished and enjoyed on many, many stations.

    Hear how it all began, with England's Newest Hit Makers. There are great tunes on this album. For the most part, many you may not have heard. It is those kind of songs that you will look back, and ask, "Hey why didn't THAT song get enough airplay?" "Whey didn't THAT song become a classic, like many of their other songs?" The answer is, "THEY ARE THE ROLLING STONES." And for some, they still consider them the Greatest Rock And Roll Band. Better than The Beatles? That one is definitely up for debate.

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