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Paul McCartney & Wings
"London Tow"

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July 23 - 29, 2023

Year of Release: 1978
  • London Town
  • Cafe On The Left Bank
  • I'm Carrying
  • Backwards Traveller
  • Cuff Link
  • Children Children
  • Girlfriend
  • I've Had Enough
  • With A Little Luck
  • Famous Groupies
  • Deliver Your Children
  • Name And Address
  • Don't Let It Bring You Down
  • Morse Moose And
    The Grey Goose
  • Girls' School

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    Paul McCartney returns this week, with Wings - London Town, released in 1978. One song was very popular from this album, and that was "With A Little Luck," which reached #1 on Billboard's singles chart, for a total of two weeks. (What was interesting of this #1 hit, was the long version heard from the album. The short version got the radio airplay, but it was always fascinating to hear an extra dose of music, and/or additional music.) The reviews for London Town were not as popular as their previous album, Wings At The Speed Of Sound, as McCartney was displeased with Capitol Records, the label from this album was released on. Therefore, he would leave Capitol, and sign with Columbia Records. He would remain with Columbia, until 1984. Members of Wings had departed, leaving Paul, his wife Linda, and Denny Laine.

    The title track "London Town" was one of three singles. I remember this song getting radio airplay, however, it was "With A Little Luck" that achieved the most popularity. "Cafe On The Left Bank" is a good track, "I'm Carrying" is a pleasant ballad; Linda was pregnant at the time, with their third child. "Backwards Traveller" and "Cuff Link" are deep tracks - "Cuff Link" is the real head turner. "Children Children" has the standard Sir Paul McCartney laid back Pop style. Likewise, so does "Girlfriend." (Somehow, this song gets a comparison to John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" in a way.)

    "I've Had Enough" was another single from the album, and it's a rocking tune. (The question is: "What was Paul having enough of to record this song?") Then there's the #1 hit, "With A Little Luck," and as luck would have it, it has extra vocals, and instrumentation, making this song even more exceptional. "Famous Groupies" is a "take or leave" track; there are better songs than this one. The same can be said for the next track, "Deliver Your Children," yet, this one is better than the previous track, "Famous Groupies." "Name And Address" pretty much picks up where "Deliver Your Children" leaves off. However, "Name And Address" has a rockabilly vibe to it.

    "Don't Let It Bring You Down" has an acoustic feel to it, as did Paul's "Rocky Raccoon," or "Mother Nature's Son." "Don't Let It Bring You Down" isn't as great as the two Beatle tunes mentioned, but it does have a nice feel. "Morse Moose And The Grey Goose" is a very good track, showcasing how Paul's vocals can be on edge, all in a good way. His vocals are also in a different way as the song progresses, definitely a British feel to it. It evens rocks out more towards its end; it's another one of those "deep tracks" that you don't often get to hear.

    "Girls' School" is a bonus track for the CD, as it was the B-side to "Mull Of Kintyre." Paul was disappointed that Kintyre didn't get to be part of the track list for London Town, as it would become a non-album track. It would later appear on the Wings Greatest Hits compilation. "Girls' Town" is another good rocking song by Sir Paul.

    It is quite obvious that London Town would not be one of Paul McCartney's most popular albums. There are good songs here, but it's a hard comparison to previous albums (and future ones). Especially after Wings At The Speed Of Sound, an album that truly is one Sir Paul's most popular albums, as each track were simply exceptional. London Town does have its moments; it's a good album, but not as exceptional as others.

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