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Johnny Cash
"American IV: The Man Comes Aroun"

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July 30 - 05, 2023

Year of Release: 2003
  • The Man Comes Around
  • Hurt
  • Give My Love To Rose
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • I Hung My Head
  • First Time Ever
    I Saw Your Face
  • Personal Jesus
  • In My Life
  • Sam Hall
  • Danny Boy
  • Desperado
  • I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • Tear Stained Letter
  • Streets Of Laredo
  • We'll Meet Again

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    It's been TWENTY years since we lost Johnny Cash. Yet during his final years, he was still recording. This week, he returns to WSVNRadio, with 4th album in his American Series: American IV: The Man Comes Around. This album was released in 2023, which was the year that he passed away, on September 12, 2023. American IV would be the final album in the series. At age 71, he was still recording, and with exceptional results. American IV would achieve greatness for him, and with the help of famous producer Rick Rubin, this would make the album even more exceptional. "Hurt" (written by Trent Reznor, aka Nine Inch Nails) and "Personal Jesus" originally recorded by Depeche Mode were the two songs that were getting the heaviest airplay from the album. Likewise, the videos as well were making Johnny Cash's career in his later years even more popular. Sure, his voice was older, rougher, yet it all worked in his final recordings.

    "The Man Comes Around" leads it off, with its great acoustic work, and Cash's spoken and singing voices. It's an exciting track, as that guitar strums in a (familar) "train motion." "Hurt" is just a truly, great song. Cash's voice shows it well throughout. A highly recommended song to listen to, and one of Cash's most popular songs, from the last years of his life. (The CD has a second disc, of the "Hurt" video. It shows Cash in his current age, and past videos of when he was younger.) "Give My Love To Rose" -- Just beautiful. Vocals and guitar - exceptional. Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is a great version by Johnny, (again) with his great (older) voice and great instrumentation."I Hung My Head" doesn't even sound like Johnny's voice; he sounds younger. It's another great tune by him. And, this song was written by Sting (The Police).

    "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (the Roberta Flack classic) is (again) BEAUTIFUL. It's emotional. It's just simply exceptional by Johnny. "Personal Jesus" (Depeche Mode) is a ROCKER! That guitar and piano makes it even more shining. The Beatles' "In My LIfe" is one of the best songs the Fab Four recorded, and give credit to this song to John Lennon. The Beatles' version has always been a favorite, and when it comes to cover versions of this song - Bette Midler's version is great, and... add Johnny Cash's version also. "Sam Hill" (written by Country legend Tex Ritter) is another great and upbeat sounding tune. They lyrics may not be "upbeat," but it sound like Johnny had a fun time recording this tune.

    The classic "Danny Boy" is next, and the organ is another standout on this one. The other standout of course, is Johnny's voice. It sure has that great sound that could be heard in church. (He did record gospel songs during his career, and this one can be easily added.) "Desperado" (the Eagles' classic) has Eagle member helping out on this one, and like many songs heard on this album, it's just another BEAUTIFUL version. Hank Williams Sr.'s "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" has a true great Country feel, and of course, Johnny Cash was one of the legends in Country music. His version of the Hank Williams Sr. classic here is another one to add to the list of others who have covered it. That great Country feeling contines on the next track, "Tear Stained Letter." "Streets Of Laredo" is old-fashioned Country, one of those songs you could hear in Country Western movies. The album ends with "We'll Meet Again," has it has the "Happy Trails" feel. Although this would be the last album in Cash's American series, this song had the impression that there would be another chapter (or more) of future American releases. (The box set Unearthed was released after Cash's death, consisting of unreleased tracks from the American recording sessions.)

    American IV: The Man Comes Around is FANTASTIC! And another amazing fact is that Johnny Cash wrote three of the 15 songs from this album. It's unfortunate that Johnny Cash would pass away after the release of this album, yet there were recordings he had made that would be released. Any of the American albums are worth collecting. Johnny Cash proved to the end, that he could still record, and make great albums. He has always been a favorite, a legend, a true Country artist. Even the movies he made are worth watching.

    Thank you Johnny Cash, for all the music you recorded. He may be gone now for twenty years, but listening to his music he has left behind, truly defines his legacy. The American series is part of that great legacy. If you haven't experienced it, it's a must, and highly recommended.

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