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"New York London Paris Munich"

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January 08 - 14, 2017

Year of Release: 1997
  • Pop Muzik
    (Nik Launay '79 12")
  • Woman Make Man
  • Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust
  • Made In Munich
  • Moonlight And Muzak
  • That's The Way Money Goes
  • Cowboys And Indians
  • Unite Your Nation
  • Fanfare
  • Cry Myself To Sleep
  • Cowboys And Indians
    (Dead Or A "Live" Mix)
  • Cowboys And Indians
    (Featuring James Stewart)
  • Satisfy Your Lust
    (Single Version)
  • Moderne Man
    (Single Version)
  • M Factor
    (Single Version)
  • M Factor
    (U.S. Single Version)
  • Moonlight And MUzak
    ('92 Remix)
  • Pop Muzik
    (Hip-Hop-Pop Muzik)
  • Pop Muzik
    Lation Cappucino)
  • Pop Muzik
    ('89 Reshuffle)
  • Finale

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    Ok folks, for those who were around 1979, you couldn't help hearing this song, by M -- "Pop Muzik." It was a huge hit, reaching #1. The artist who made this song famous was Robin Scott, better known as M. To many, he would be a one-hit wonder. So, it's quite obvious, to look and see what other recordings M did. When CDs became the source of music after the vinyl age disappeared, appeared New York * London * Paris * Munich. This album would be his debut. There is a long version of "Pop Muzik" here, and yet for those who remember the shortened hit single version, the original beats and vocals are on the first track, being the Nik Launay '79 12" mix. (For those looking for the hit single version, it's found on Rhino's Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The '80s, Volume 2; M's "Pop Muzik" was released in late 1979, so it would become famous in the opening of the 1980s decade.)

    To best describe the music of M, it is New Wave. Other New Wave artists at the time of "Pop Muzik" were Adam Ant, Gary Numan, and countless others that I can't seem to remember to mention... Whether "this kind of New Wave" appeals to some, it just seems bland, where others just may seem to enjoy it, just as other music genres.

    Bland is the word for "Woman Make Man" -- it just doesn't get too exciting. However, "Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust" gets the New Wave genre attention on a good note. This track can be compared to Talking Heads. (Oh yeah, add the Talking Heads to that list mentioned earlier...) And adding more to that list, the Cars come to mind, on "Made In Munich." More on the list -- David Bowie, "Moonlight And Muzak."

    Then there's upbeat Pop of "That's The Way The Money Goes" -- more of a Pop Rock number, rather than that of New Wave. "Cowboys And Indians" -- The Cars, maybe even Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music? More like, The Cars. "Unite Your Nation" -- more upbeat Pop (Cars).

    The remaining tracks are bonus ones: The short, 10-second "Fanfare" sounds more like an introduction to a radio/TV show. "Cry Myself To Sleep" is another upbeat'er, yet the vocals are bit bland-sounding. It's one of those "lame-sounding '80s tracks." Two remix versions of the Cars'ish "Cowboys And Indians" -- One is the "Dead Or A "Live" Mix, the other features James Stewart, which is way different than the other two.

    Previously, the two tracks "Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust" were combined. As part of the bonus tracks, they've become separated as indiviudal tracks. "Satisfy Your Lust" is the first one, "Satisfy Your Lust" is more of a Rock & Roll track, than that of New Wave. "Moderne Man" is a mix of harder rock and New Wave. "M Factor" (single version) was the B-side to "Pop Muzik," and it is a Rocking track. Way different than the New Wave of "Pop Muzik" There's a U.S. single version of it as well, and hardly no difference. The '92 Remix of "Moonlight And Muzak" is more catchy and upbeat than the previous Bowie-ish version. It has a more Dance-Club style, as compared to another early 1980s dance hit, "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc.

    The next three tracks are remixes of the song that made M famous -- "Pop Muzik." The Hip-Hop-Pop Muzik remix is different than its original and the Nik Launay '79 12" mix heard at the beginning of this album. The giveaway is the vocals and a different styled music compared to its original. The Latino Cappucino is is another different version too. Likewise, the '89 Reshuffle is different. The original single version and the Nik Launay remix are the best versions. The short, 14-second finale ends the Bonus Tracks show.

    New York London Paris Munich would accomplish four hits: "Moderne Man," "Pop Muzik,"Moonlight And Muzak," and "That's The Way Money Goes." M (Robin Scott) would release three more albums afterwards. His uK hits were not as huge as "Pop Muzik" as this #1 would be his only claim to fame. Yet there are some good mixes and club mix sounding tunes here, these tracks would attract more the dance club mix crowds. "Pop Muzik" would be calling M the "one hit wonder." Although it's quite interesting to hear his other tracks he recorded. "Pop Muzik" will always be remembered.

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