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Ed Sheeran
"No. 6 Collaborations Project"

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March 06 - 12, 2022

Year of Release: 2019
  • Beautiful People--
    (w/ Khalid)
  • South Of The Border--
    (w/ Camila Cabello & Cardi B)
  • Cross Me--
    (w/ Chance The Rapper &
    PnB Rock)
  • Take Me Back To London--
    (w/ Stormzy)
  • Best Part Of Me--
    (w/ Yebba)
  • I Don't Care--
    (w/ Justin Bieber)
  • Antisocial--
    (w/ Travis Scott)
  • Remember The Name--
    (w/ Eminem & 50 Cent)
  • Feels--
    (w/ Young Thug & J Hus)
  • Put It All On Me--
    (w/ Ella Mai)
  • Nothing On You--
    (w/ Paulo Londra & Dave)
  • I Don't Want Your Money--
    (w/ H.E.R.)
  • 1000 Nights--
    (w/ Meek Mill &
    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
  • Way To Break My Heart--
    (w/ Skrillex)
  • Blow--
    (w/ Bruno Mars &
    Chris Stapleton)

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    Ed Sheeran's No. 6 Collaborations Project was the follow-up to his No. 5 EP. The 5 EPs he recorded while he has trying to find a major record label deal. No. 6 was released in 2019, his first 3 major label albums were released prior. By 2019, Ed Sheeran's name was very well-known. The No. 6 project would be his third #1 album from Billboard's Hot 200 albums chart. His previous #1 albums were his second and third major studio released albums: × (2014), and ÷ (2017). The No. 6 Collaborations Project is basically a duets album, consisting of Sheeran and other Pop and Hip-Hop artists.

    Leading off the album is the duet with Khalid, "Beautiful People," a very good Pop song. "South Of The Border" (with Camila Cabello & Cardi B) is pretty good, but "Beautiful People" is better. The same can be said for the next track, with Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock, "Cross Me." Like the previous track, it's the rappin' just doesn't make these songs any better. (Sorry, Rap fans...) "Beautiful People" still gets the lead.

    Once again, the Rap gets noticed on "Take Me Back To London, with Stormzy. Next...

    Things slow down a bit (for the good, to mention...) as Yebba duets on "Best Part Of Me." This is another good one, but I can't help to mention, that the two singers singing together has more of a Country/Folk sound, as heard in female Country songs (Alison Krauss, Dixie Chicks). Who is singing the high notes? I've never heard of Yebba, maybe it is her, being the female. Justin Bieber joins Ed on the next track, "I Don't Care." It's an upbeat, jumpin' little tune. Quite good.

    Travis Scott joins Ed on "Antisocial," and it's another song that has a mixed review. It's today's Pop and Hip-Hop, but there are other songs better than this one. Next... For Eminem and 50 Cents fans, they join Ed on "Remember The Name." Yes, remember their names -- Eminem and 50 Cent were part of the 2022 Superbowl Half Time Show. Their performances were quite good, and yes, it's R A P... And, just to point out, of all the Rap tunes on this collaboration project, this is "the best one."

    Young Thug & J Hus has the next duet with Ed -- "Feels." And, it's just another song in "today's style" of Pop and Hip-Hop. Next... "Put It All On Me" with Ella Mai, is not too bad. It's tolerable, and listenable. (So far, "Beautiful People," "Best Part Of Me," "I Don't Care," "Remember The Name" are the highlights...) "Nothing On You" with Paulo Londra & Dave is in the same category as "Put It All On Me" ... until the Rappin' comes in... Next...

    As for the rappin', it isn't as bad on the duet with H.E.R. -- "I Don't Want Your Money." The rappin' has a "reggae-rap" (if that's what it can be called) style, and it's better than the "common-sounding Rap" that we're more familiar with. This is a pretty good tune. 1000 Nights with Meek Mill & A Boggie Wit Da Hoodie has a somewhat Backstreet Boys style, until (once again), the Rappin... Next...

    "Way To Break My Heart" with Skrillex is a good tune, and fits "today's Pop." Ending the album, is a "O M G" moment! The duet with Bruno Mars & Chris Stapleton (now, you're saying, with these two, it has to be GOOD)... "Blow" is a ROCK SONG! A HARD ROCK SONG! Yes, O M G !!

    Sorry Rap fans, but the rap on this album throughout doesn't do it for me. The highlights are the ones mentioned: "Beautiful People," "Best Part Of Me," "I Don't Care," "Remember The Name" plus "I Don't Want Your Money" and "Way To Break Your Heart." And, of course, the ending track, "Blow"

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