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Spyro Gyra
"Spyro Gyra"

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February 26 - 04, 2023

Year of Release: 1978
  • Shaker Song
  • Opus D'Opus
  • Mallet Ballet
  • Pygmy Funk
  • Cascade
  • Leticia
  • Mead
  • Paula/Paw Prints
  • Galadriel

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    Spyro Gyra's debut album gets the review this week, as the 1978 Spyro Gyra is the third album on the WSVNRadio website. An incredible band, an incredible Jazz band, they have been together for over 40 years. was the album's Top 20 hit. And, just like the rest of their songs, they are a great collection of incredible Jazz music.

    Leading off the album is that Top 20 hit, "Shaker Street." A very pleasant, Jazz/Smooth Jazz track. One word to describe "Opus D'Opus" ... Cool. "Mallet Ballet" is one of those sunrise/sunset songs to listen to. It's Smooth, just as the smooth sounds of War's "The World Is A Ghetto."

    "Pygmy Funk" is obscure in it's beginning, but yes, it does have the funk, once it kicks in. It's definitely a Miles Davis comparison. Then it slows down again with the cool, smooth and soulful "Cascades." The flavor of Latin Jazz has the next track, "Leticia." And "Mead" is another great upbeat Jazz track. "Paula/Paw Prints" has a great piano jazz intro, then it blends into another great soulful jazz style. Ending the album is the peaceful, sunrise/sunset'ter, "Galdriel."

    The 9 tracks on Spyro Gyra's debut were written (individually) by Jay Beckenstein (saxophones) and Jeremy Wall (keyboards). And you can easily hear the great talent in their instruments. Cool, Smooth, Soulful, it's pure jazz, yet more on the Smooth Jazz style. Either way, it's a truly great album for the band's debut. And they would release more great music throughout the next 40+ years.

    Hear how Spyro Gyra first started, with their debut. You'll want to hear more of their music, from their 40+ years history. Read our other two reviews: Breakout, and Rites Of Summer.

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