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Shooter Jennings
"The Wolf"

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November 20 - 26, 2022

Year of Release: 2007
  • This Ol Wheel
  • Tangled Up Roses
  • Walk Of Life
  • Old Friend
  • Slow Train
  • Time Management 101
  • Concrete Cowboys
  • Higher
  • Blood From A Stone
  • Last Time I Let You Down
  • She Lives In Color
  • The Wolf

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    Shooter Jennings debuts this week on WSVNRadio, with his third album of his career, The Wolf (2007). He is the son of Country legend Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. His music has been categorized as Southern Rock, Country, and Hard Rock.

    "This Ol Wheel" kinda fits "today's Country," as the lyrics are sung and spoken. Country Rap? Kinda. Rock and/or Country, it's quite different. Maybe this song can be easily compared to Kid Rock, and/or Big & Rich. "This Ol Wheel" was one of two singles from this album. "Tangled Up Roses" does compare to both Rock and/or Country, more on the Rock side. "Walk Of Life" was the second single, as it is a cover of the song originally recorded by Dire Straits. The guitars swing towards the Country side, and once Shooter starts singing, it's a definitely Country version of the Dire Straits classic. ANd it's well-done, in its own Country style.

    "Old Friend" takes us back to one of Waylon's greatest songs - "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys." It has that style. I'm sure this one will get Country fans enjoying this one. Same for the next track, "Slow Train," it's another great Country-sounding tune, definite for the Waylon fans and Country fans. And "Time Management 101" keeps it going, with the Honky-Tonkin' Country sound. Shooter's vocal style reminds me of Leon Russell on this one. Then it gets slowed down in a good Country way on "Concrete Cowboys, sounding more like "Old Friend" but much slower. It's another great Country tune.

    "Higher" makes you yell "yee-haw!" This one has a Hank Jr. feel. It's a great Country rocker. "Blood From A Stone" is good, yet there are other tunes from this album that were better. "Last Time I Let You Down" is slow-groovin' and is compared to Waylon, yet Shooter gives it his own. "She Lives In Color" slows down the pace again, a much mellow style, Country flavored. The title track has a Hank Jr. style, and the album ends with another good track, "A Matter Of Time." And after listening to this album, Shooter Jennings has made his own mark in Country music, just as his famous father did.

    Shooter Jennings' style is different than that of his father's. And all good, as being compared to his famous father can be troublesome. Like Hank Jr., Hank Jr. proved to be different than his father, and the same can be said for Shooter. The Wolf is a definite Country album. Being compared to his famous dad being "troublesome," there is no trouble on The Wolf. It's a very good Country (and Rock) album, and it would make his famous father proud. Waylon's been gone since 2002.

    Waylon Jennings was Buddy Holly's guitar player, and the story on that unfateful night of February 3, 1959 - Buddy: "I hope your bus breaks down." Waylon: "I hope your plane crashes." ... We can only imagine if Buddy had lived, what he would have accomplished. Waylon and Buddy instead of Waylon and Willie? Buddy Holly, another "Outlaw" in Country? And if Waylon had taken that plane, there wouldn't be Waylon and Willie, and the same for Shooter. (Buddy and his wife Maria were expecting their child at the time of Buddy's death. Maria miscarried.) Waylon is gone now, yet Shooter has followed in his father's footsteps, in achieving his own name and style in music. The Wolf being his third album, there are many more from Shooter's career. Waylon would be proud of his son. And you will too, with The Wolf.

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