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Joe Jackson
"I'm The Man"

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Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • On Your Radio
  • Geraldine And John
  • Kinda Kute
  • It's Different For Girls
  • I'm The Man
  • The Band Wore Blue Shirts
  • Don't Wanna Be Like That
  • Amateur Hour
  • Get That Girl
  • Friday

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    Joe Jackson
    "I'm The Man"

    Joe Jackson's second chronical album in his career, 1979's I'm The Man marks his official debut here on our Website. If you're familiar with the very early years of Elvis Costello, you would easily think that this album was done by Elvis Costello himself, not knowing that it was done by a gentleman by the name of Joe Jackson. (And just a strange coincidence: Last year, this week, Elvis Costello & The Attractions was chosen as the Album Pick of the Week with their release, Blood And Chocolate.)

    "On Your Radio" starts out rocking, and since it being a song about radio, it sparks my interest. "Geraldine And John" is a bit mellower, and like Elvis Costello's music, it is bass driven. "Kinda Kute" reminds me not only of Elvis Costello, but also the band by the name of The Knack. It's bouncy (like The Knack), and bass driven (like Costello).

    "It's Different For Girls" is a song that received some FM radio airplay, and is in the same slow-yet-bouncy style as the hit from Jackson's debut album entitled Look Sharp; the song called "Is She Really Going Out With Him'". This song is different than Elvis Costello as such, as this style has the Joe Jackson name on it.

    "I'm The Man" returns the Costello sound, as it is very bouncy and rocking. The chorus is as bouncy as The Romantics' "What I Like About You". "The Band Wore Blue Shirts" starts out with a slight jazz touch (very brief), but then it jumps right back into the common sound heard throughout the songs previously heard on this album.

    "Don't Wanna Be Like That" is much harder driven, having another common sound to Elvis Costello, pop-new wave. "Amateur Hour" slows down the pace, as it is definitely needed. "Get That Girl" returns back as a bouncy pop track. "Friday" ends the album as another bouncy (sounds like Costello) number.

    If you enjoy the music of Elvis Costello, you'll truly enjoy Joe Jackson's I'm The Man. Like Elvis Costello, both he and Joe Jackson have changed musical styles throughout the years. In his later years, Jackson experimented with contemporary jazz, and so has Costello. I'm The Man has pop meets punk, as in the late 1970s, everyone was discovering punk rock and new wave. Jackson's album isn't hardcore punk like The Sex Pistols. It's bouncy, it's pop, it's rock and roll.

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