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"Point Of Know Return"

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Year of Release: 1977

track listing
  • Point Of Know Return
  • Paradox
  • The Spider
  • Portrait (He Knew)
  • Closet Chronicles
  • Lightning's Hand
  • Dust In The Wind
  • Sparks Of The Tempest
  • Nobody's Home
  • Hopelessly Human

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    "Point Of Know Return"

    Kansas...Best known for songs such as "Dust In The Wind," "Carry On Wayward Son" and the title track from this week's Album Pick of the Week, Point Of Know Return, defines Kansas' music as Progressive Rock, and in listening to the Point Of Know Return album, it truly defines Progressive Rock in its best form. Focusing on keyboards and string arrangements, Kerry Livgren and crew deliver the best in Progressive Rock, as this album is truly an excellent choice.

    For those who listen to Classic Rock radio stations, there is no doubt that the two songs from this album, the title track and "Dust In The Wind" get average-to-huge airplay. And these songs should be no strangers when first hearing the opening introductions. The rest of the album certainly may not have received radio airplay, but they are just as equally compared to the Classic Rock format, if given a chance.

    "Paradox"...What a great progressive tune, its introduction is truly fantastic. It's easily compared to Electric Light Orchestra's "Fire On High." "The Spider"...This instrumental can easily be compared to another progressive band, Yes, especially the keyboards when Rick Wakeman was Yes' keyman. "Portrait (He Knew)" focuses on the keyboards in progressive style; overall its powerhouse progresive rock.

    "Closet Chronicles" starts out mellow, yet it merges into the standard Kansas/Yes progressive style. "Lightning's Hand" is a bit harder-edged with its high-focused guitar solos and string arrangements. "Sparks Of The Tempest" has a common rock sound, kinda bouncy, yet its chorus kicks in as progressive as any song heard earlier on this album.

    "Nobody's Home" is set more as a classical piece, and is truly impressive to listen to. A mellow tune, it's more of a ballad with classical music features. "Hopelessly Human" returns back the sound of progressive, as it is a medium-paced song, yet having some classical music touches.

    Progressive Rock is definitely defined on Kansas' Point Of Know Return. For Classic Rock fans, likewise fans of groups such as Yes, and even if you like the vocal stylings of Survivor/Night Ranger, Point Of Know Return is a must; its an album that's impressive from start to finish. Most people will pick this album up for the main purpose of seeing that two of their most famous songs are contained on this album, the title track, and "Dust In The Wind." But take a listen to the rest of the album, and you'll impressed enough to listen to the entire album again and again.

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    Previous Review: #663
    Mickey & Sylvia--Love Is Strange
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