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The James Gang
"James Gang Rides Again"

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Year of Release: 970<

track listing
  • Funk #49
  • Asshtonpark
  • Woman
  • The Bomber:
    Closet Queen/
    Cast Your Fate
    To The Wind
  • Tend My Garden
  • Garden Gate
  • There I Go Again
  • Thanks
  • Ashes The Rain And I

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    The James Gang
    "James Gang Rides Again"

    Classic Rock returns once again with The James Gang, featuring Joe Walsh. The James Gang Rides Again is the album most people refer to when speaking of The James Gang.

    For those familar with Classic Rock, I don't think there's anyone who doesn't remember "Funk #49". If this title doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure the lyrics "I Sleep All Day, Out All Night...I Know Where You're Going..." should click on your memory light bulb. "AsshtonPark" has the "Funk #49" effect, yet it is a short instrumental.

    "Woman" is another great tune, having a Grand Funk Railroad blues/hard-rock sound. "The Bomber" is subtitled as a) Closet Queen b) Cast Your Fate To The Wind". Closet Queen is in the rock style as "Funk #49", where Cast Your Fate To The Wind is a trip into instrumental rock and psychedelia, featuring the fancy guitarworks of the one and only Bomber himself, Joe Walsh.

    "Tend My Garden" slows down the pace just a bit, as it features some good keyboard work, and is almost in the style of another popular 1970s group, Three Dog Night. Likewise, "Garden Gate" is another slow number, featuring only vocals and accoustic guitar. "There I Go Again" is a slow-paced country-styled tune, as the guitarworks definitely has a steel-guitar country sound.

    Like the past three songs, "Thanks" is another slow number, and the last song, "Ashes The Rain And I" is also a slow song. Both songs are easy on the ears, and definitely has the famous Classic Rock name to them. "Ashes The Rain And I" is more progressive, having some classical instrumentation to it, similar to The Moody Blues' classical compositions. It's a very impressive song, and is a great way to end the album.

    For those of you expecting the James Gang Rides Again to have all of the songs in the style of "Funk #49", you may or will be disappointed. But the remaining five songs on the album doesn't make the album bad, it just shows another side of a band that is most famous for cranking out hard rock and roll. It features some country influences, pop rock, and especially the closing number ("Ashes The Rain And I), features a trip down classical music lane.

    The James Gang is indeed a great album, and it will impress those who think that Joe Walsh is just another rock and roll rebel. He was the main attraction of The James Gang, and he features his musical creations more ways than one on this album. The creative juices flow, as heads will turn and respond differently to Joe Walsh, the Average Ordinary Guy.

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