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The Jets
"The Best Of The Jets"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Special Kinda Love
  • Forever In My Life
  • Crush On You
  • Curiosity
  • Sendin' All My Love
  • You Got It All
  • Rocket 2 U
  • Sendin' Out A Message
  • La La Means I Love You
  • Cross My Broken Heart
  • Another You
  • Make It Real
  • Special Kinda Love
    (Vogue Extended
    Club Version)

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    The Jets
    "The Best Of The Jets"

    Named after the Jets from Elton John's "Bennie And The Jets," this musical group consisted of siblings from Minnesota -- the Wolfgramms. They became popular during the late 1980s, as they combined pop, dance and funk styles. Their music can be compared to the likes of Janet Jackson, the early Prince, and the early Madonna. The Best Of The Jets has all of their main hits, comprised from their three albums they released during 1986 through 1990 and a bit more.

    "Special Kinda Love" starts out this Best-Of, and for the Janet Jackson fans, this one has a dance beat that everyone would certainly enjoy. "Forever In My Life" has the late 1980s pop/soul ballad sound, as heard in the early years of Whitney Houston and Atlantic Starr.

    "Crush On You" received heavy radio airplay; it has the early Prince/Sheila E. rhythms. Likewise, "Curiosity" definitely has the funk sound of the early Prince and Sheila E, and another Prince-influenced band, Ready For The World ("Oh Sheila"). "Sendin' All My Love" has a very distinct early Madonna sound -- in fact, many may even think that it is Madonna; but it's The Jets. Another radio hit, "You Got It All," is a beautiful pop ballad. It's a very pleasant soft dance song, for those who enjoy this type of music.

    Having the spelling of a Prince song, "Rocket 2 U" was another heavy radio hit, with its funk rhythms and dancebeats. "Sendin' Out A Message" has the funky dance of the likes of New Kids On The Block, Bobby Brown, and Janet Jackson.

    It is always interesting to hear a group cover one of the many classic songs of the past: "La La Means I Love You" was originally recorded by The Delfonics, a great 1970s soul ballad classic. And The Jets cover this song quite impressively. "Cross My Broken Heart" was another radio airplay favorite, as it was featured in the Eddie Murphy movie, Beverly Hills Cop II. "Another You" is another Janet Jackson-inspired dance song.

    Make It Real" was another radio hit for The Jets, being a very soulful ballad, an easy contender for weddings. The last song on this compilation is a 9-minute Vogue Extended Club Version of "Special Kinda Love", as it has the funk sound of Michael Jackson's "Bad", and is definitely compared to the likes of Michael's sister Janet, and Paula Abdul.

    Late-1980s pop/dance is best defined for The Best Of The Jets. Dance club DJs may want to check out this compilation, as there are many choices they can play during their club shows. There are many comparisons here for those who enjoy the pop/dance music of the late 1980s -- Madonna, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince. For a great dancing time, The Jets' Best Of should easily get the nod of approval.

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