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"All That You Can't Leave Behind"

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track listing
  • Beautiful Day
  • Stuck In A Moment
    You Can't Get
    Out Of
  • Elevation
  • Walk On
  • Kite
  • In A Little While
  • Wild Honey
  • Peace On Earth
  • When I Look
    At The World
  • New York
  • Grace

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    "All That You Can't Leave Behind"

    U2's most recent release (2000), All That You Can't Leave Behind returns the band's sound back to their basics. Their previous release, Pop, featured the latest trend in music: Techno Pop. Returning back to the basics in where a band's music was most popular, has its risks. (The Beatles' Let It Be proved this; as it didn't exactly come across as one of their finest releases.) Daryl Hall & John Oates went back to their "roots", with some moderate success. In U2's case, we can say about All That You Can't Leave Behind, is that it's nice to see them back, and that they didn't leave their back-to-basics rock left behind. They went back to the sound that made them most famous, as featured in their 1980s releases, such as The Joshua Tree, Zooropa, and Achtung Baby.

    "Beautiful Day" was the first hit released from this album, as it returns U2 having the pop rock sound (no, not their album Pop, by the way...) "In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of" is spiritual, and can easily get alot of radio airplay.

    The latest "hit" on the radio playlists is "Elevation" This one is an attention grabber, with its funky groove, as it has a more dance feel. "Walk On" could easily match any pre-Pop release, as it also matches today's most current rock sound. Not Alternative, it can best define today's Rock sound for the 21st Century. We can also say the same for "Kite," as this one is a little bit slower in tempo than as in "Walk On."

    "In A Little While" has a nice pleasnt pop sound, and should easily get enough radio airplay to become another popular hit. Another song that has a very pleasant rock sound is "Wild Honey," a song that has some great harmonies, and easy listening guitar playing. "Peace On Earth" is another pleasant one, this one being a nice, quiet ballad.

    Cool rhythms best describes "When I Look At The World,"; as it has a nice, moderate uptempo rhythm. "New York" has a mystery about it in sound, as it is another slow tempo tune, and could be a good soundtrack tune in a scene where our main character is driving down the road, trying to think out in his mind the precious clues involved. The song does kick in later in the song off and on, once again U2 proves that this kind of sound is best to describe today's most current Rock. "Grace" is another pleasant ballad, and a nice way to end this release.

    U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind leaves nothing behind; it returns U2 back to the basic rock sound. U2 fans shouldn't have any complaints regarding this release. This album has a more pleasant sound from many of the songs, and it shows that U2 can compete with today's Alternative and Rock music formats. None of the songs are hard-driving Rock, but still, each song blends with today's music standards. No complaints here, throughout their 20-year-plus career, U2 has blended in with the times and musical trends, such as punk (early years), rock, pop, techno, and now back to basic rock.

    It's great to have you back U2, keep up the good work.

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    Previous Review: #738
    Blues Brothers--The Blues Brothers (Movie Soundtrack)
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