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Neil Young
"Comes A Time"

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Year of Release: 1978

track listing
  • Goin' Back
  • Comes A Time
  • Look Out For My Love
  • Lotta Love
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Human Highway
  • Already One
  • Field Of Opportunity
  • Motorcycle Mama
  • Four Strong Winds

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    Neil Young
    "Comes A Time"

    September 11, 2001: The nation mourns the tragedy of the Pentagon and World Trade Center bombings...

    During this past week, we observed one of the most tragic disasters in history. The terrorist attack bombings of the Pentagon and New York's World Trade Center bombings. But life must go on, as we support President George W. Bush, in his efforts to find those responsible, and justice be done.

    As life does go on, this week's review is a soothing album -- Neil Young's 1978 release, Comes A Time. My memories of this album is when I was in high school. This album was one of many that was always playing on my turntable. (That was before the compact disc player came along...) More of an accoustic album, this album is an excellent one; and is truly one of Young's best.

    "Goin' Back" can easily fit the songs on Young's 1972 release, Harvest, and has lyrics that we could relate to the recent tragic disaster:

    "I feel like goin' back
    Back where there's nowhere to stay
    When fire fills the sky
    I'll still remember that day
    These rocks I'm climbing down
    Have already left the ground
    Careening through space"

    Yes, we'll remember that day, September 11, 2001...

    The title track has a country feel, and is considered my favorite song on this album. Young's After The Gold Rush album by comes to mind when hearing "Look Out For My Love."

    "Lotta Love" was written by Neil Young, but most people may remember Nicolette Larson's version. Larson's version had a more pop feel, and Young's is very raw and accoustic. "Peace Of Mind" is very emotional; and with lyrics like "You know it takes a long, long time/You're looking for peace of mind", we will be looking for peace in our weeks and months ahead from the terrorist attacks.

    Hillbilly country/sweet country rock best describes "Human Highway,." and "Field Of Opportunity." "Already One" has the sound of such bands as The Eagles and Jackson Browne; a sweet-sounding song, it's another one that was constantly listened to back in my high school days. "Motorcycle Mama" features Nicolette Larson accompaning vocals with Young, and it's the only song that is "hard rock" compared to the remaining tunes on this album. It's an interesting album track, and another one that was listened to in my high school days. The closing song, "Four Strong Winds" has The Eagles/Jackson Browne sound.

    Neil Young's Comes A Time is highly recommended. It's accoustic, it's country rock, and most of the songs are easy and soothing to listen to. Neil Young has had an interesting music career, blending ballads, country rock, and hard rock. Comes A Time falls in the category of country rock than anything else. And for country fans alike, this album is a must.

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