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Trisha Yearwood
"Thinkin' About You"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Thinkin' About You
  • XXX's And OOO's
    (An American Girl)
  • You Can Sleep
    While I Drive
  • The Restless Kind
  • On A Bus To St. Cloud
  • Fairytale
  • Those Words We Said
  • O Mexico
  • I Wanna Go Too Far
  • Till I Get It Right

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    Trisha Yearwood
    "Thinkin' About You"

    Trisha Yearwood's 1994 release, Thinkin' About You is Country. Most releases past late-1980s to present features Country Music with a more pop/rock feel. Yet, Yearwood's release for this week's review proves that Country has a unique sound, and in listening to it, you can easily determine the style of music: COUNTRY.

    Sure, there are some Country tunes on this release that have a somewhat Pop feel, yet it's easily defined as Country Music. Two songs that received heavy radio airplay on Country Music format stations were the title track, and (my personal favorite) "XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)."

    Some may call these songs as Pop Country: "Fairytale" has a catchy pop feel, "Those Words We Said" is definitely a song worth listening to, having a sound that could be found by such artists as John Hiatt or even Melissa Etheridge. Shania Twain fans will like "I Wanna Go Too Far," another catchy pop feel tune. Overall, these "pop" sounding sounds have the country sound.

    Typical Country, having the standard instruments such as the steel guitar and violins, "The Restless Kind" is definitely Country; it's compared to such typical country artists as Alan Jackson and Dwight Yolkam.

    And we can't forget the country ballads: Melissa Etheridge wrote "You Can Sleep While I Drive," a nice slow ballad, done in a nice country ballad style. The lyrics are a bit sad (typical of Country lyrics) in "On A Bus To St. Cloud," yet it is a beautiful tune. "O Mexico" does have a pop ballad feel, yet, like the rest of the songs on this album, it is Country. The album's closing tune is also a beautiful ballad, "Till I Get It Right," having an Anne Murray Country style. The instrumentation is classic, and is another tune worth listening to.

    Thinkin' About You is an excellent Country album. It features great instrumentation used in Country music; the steel guitar, violins, and piano. Yet the "pop" songs have a more Country sound, this album should easily get die-hard Country music fans enjoying this album, and can truly say, "Yes, this album is definitely COUNTRY."

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