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Year of Release: 1980

track listing
  • I Will Follow
  • Twilight
  • An Cat Dubh
  • Into The Heart
  • Out Of Control
  • Stories For Boys
  • The Ocean
  • A Day Without Me
  • Another Time
    Another Place
  • The Electric Co.
  • Shadows And
    Tall Trees

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    This week, we travel back to the official debut of U2 -- Boy, released in 1980, defines U2 as more of a traditional Eighties Punk band, with the most popular hit "I Will Follow." U2 has improved with age and their music over the next 20 years, and it's always fascinating to hear how this band from Ireland started out, and would later become a household name as being one of the best rock bands from the past 20 years.

    Songs such as "Twilight" captures the traditional '80s Punk sound, where "An Cat Dubh" has a punk mixed with new wave, as heard in such bands as Roxy Music and/or Duran Duran. It merges into "Into The Heart," a song with a common 1980s Pop, and is a short tune. "Out Of Control" returns with the sound as heard on the opening track, "I Will Follow." Having a more rougher sound on "Out Of Control," "Stories For Boys" is another rough cut, with the Edge's dominating guitar riffs, and punk/new wave raw power, U2 was defining their own punk sound in the beginning of their career.

    "The Ocean" is very experimental -- it was a sign of things to come for U2 with a different sound that would be identified as U2's own. "A Day Without Me" has the common 1980s New Wave sound, where the Edge's guitar stands out throughout, and Bono's unique New Wave vocal style.

    "Another Time, Another Place" defines what would be the common sound of New Wave/Punk. Likewise "The Electric Co." has the New Wave sound, yet it's as vibrant as "I Will Follow" and having its sound defined as U2's rather than the common sound of any other '80s New Wave/Punk band. The album's closing tune, "Shadows And Tall Trees" has a different sound than that of the common New Wave/Punk, as U2 was busy shaping their own sound, and for better things to come in later years.

    Boy defines U2 recording music based on their influences, that being Punk Rock, yet U2 gave Punk (and what would later be known as New Wave in the 1980s decade) their own sound. In the next few years, U2 would build their own sound and a whole new popularity for themselves. Their music is a force to be reckoned with -- they have recorded incredible music throughout the past decades, and continue to be one of music's most popular bands. In listening to Boy, it's quite easy to determine that U2 was working on something huge, and huge they did become, becoming a household name in music, and having fans from all around the world.

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    Previous Review: #833
    Gordon Lightfoot--If You Could Read My Mind
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