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track listing
  • Innuendo
  • I'm Going Slightly Mad
  • Headlong
  • I Can't Live With You
  • Don't Try So Hard
  • Ride The Wild Wind
  • All God's People
  • These Are The Days
    Of Our Lives
  • Delilah
  • The Hitman
  • Bijou
  • The Show Must Go On

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    In what would be Queen's last studio album, 1991's Innuendo defines Queen as a band that gives new name to the term Concept Album: Innuendo is a Rock Opera, which is no strange concept to Queen; they just kept recording great music to the very end, when lead singer Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, later in the year.

    The title track combines the Rock Opera theme, with a bit of a Opera-styled atmosphere. Opera is no stranger to Freddie Mercury, as his Solo release featured his second solo album, Barcelona, with Opera singer Montserrat Caballé. The Rock Opera concept returns with "I'm Going Slighty Mad," a song that has great orchestration, having an almost baroque sound, easily fitting the album cover's artwork illustrations (by Grandville [1803-1847]).

    "Headlong" has a more common Rock sound for Queen, having a updated 1990s Rock approach, that would later define the decade. "I Can't Live With You" however, has the reminiscents of the early years of Queen -- great rock music, and outstanding harmonies.

    The Rock Opera concept returns with the beautiful tune, "Don't Try So Hard," a ballad, mixed with powerful music, as best as Queen has done in the past. "Ride The Wild Wind" may not be as energetic as previous tunes, yet it does have the powerful music in general, Queen has always been famous for. (This was the least favorite.)

    The early years of Queen (Hard Rock/Theatrical Rock) returns with "All God's People," a great tune for the fans who enjoy the heavier rock sound of Queen's music. "These Are The Times Of Our Lives" is more pop, and could pass as a good Adult Contemporary song. "Delilah" is another pop number, with Mercury's unique and almost operatic voice, and excellent guitar orchestration by Brian May.

    Heavy Metal best describes "The Hitman." Once again, the orchestration and the great guitar work of Brian May is featured on "Bijou," another great Rock Opera concept song, with full orchestration (guitar and synthesizers [Brian May/John Deacon]). This one is a classic on the music alone!

    "The Show Must Go On" is the last song, and it may have been haunting at the time, because we knew that the end was near for Freddie Mercury, as his appearance was showing ill health, and the rumors of him having AIDS. At first denied, he later confirmed the rumors were true, and died two days later. As the title states, "The Show Must Go On," where old and new fans of Queen may not be hearing new material by Queen in the future, their music will always be cherished and admired for generations to come. And Queen members and fans alike, received their moment of glory, when Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.

    Queen's music has always been exciting and powerful. Their instrumentation was always fascinating -- using a full orchestration, and with Freddie Mercury's unique and vibrant voice, this deadly combination produced some of the most fantastic full-bodied pieces of music ever recorded. From their early years of great songs as "Bohemian Rhapsody," the stomp-your-feet of "We Will Rock You" and the beautiful ballads as "Somebody To Love" and "We Are The Champions," Queen's royalty will always be superior.

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    Previous Review: #818
    Eva Cassidy--Time After Time
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