• I Stand Alone
  • Dirty Little Mind
  • Down On Me
  • When Will It Rain
  • Redneck Punk
  • The Lumberjack
  • Reach For Me
  • Back Off Brother
  • Brain Drain
  • Just Like A Devil
  • She Loves My Cock
  • From the Vault...


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    Year of Release: 1992

    Jackyl is one of those bands that appeals to sex. The biggest hit from their self-titled release, "Dirty Little Mind" attracts sexual energy, and having a hard rock sound coming from the end of the 1980s Hair Band acts and continuing its force into the 1990s decade.

    "I Stand Alone" has a hard rock sound with guitars blazing, and with its vocal style, it could be compared to the rock of AC/DC. The album's biggest hit, "Dirty Litte Mind" is a hard driving tune, with sexual lyrics, and even a lady (if you extend your hearing just a bit) just about to reach that "moment of ecstasy." "Down On Me" is another great rocker, similar again to AC/DC with Brian Johnson.

    Ultimate Heavy Metal Rock best describes "When Will It Rain," as it has the sound of many 1980s Hair Band acts. "Redneck Punk" has a mix of Punk and Heavy Metal. "The Lumberjack" has a great hard rock blues sound, as heard in many songs by Aerosmith. Traditional Heavy Metal for "Reach For Me," and "Brain Drain." AC/DC once again is compared for "Back Off Brother." Aerosmith could be compared to "Just Like A Devil," and traditional heavy metal returns with "She Loves My Cock."

    Sexual lyrics, hard driving guitars make Jackyl an entertaining album for those who enjoy Heavy Metal. Fans of such groups as the later AC/DC and Aersomith will enjoy this release. It's Heavy Metal at it's finest, and easily fitting the late 1980s and 1990s Hard Rock acts. Jackyl's lyrics may not appeal to some, but in the end, it's another familar mix of sex and rock n roll, for some (not all) to enjoy.

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