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Sass Jordan

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • Make You A Believer
  • If You're Gonna
    Love Me
  • You Don't Have To
    Remind Me
  • Who Do You Think
    You Are
  • Windin' Me Up
  • I Want To Believe
  • Goin' Back Again
  • Do What Ya Want
  • Cry Baby
  • Where's There A Will
  • Time Flies

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    Sass Jordan


    Sass Jordan's vocal style easily resembles that of Melissa Etheridge. Not only that, when first hearing her music, you would automatically think it was Etheridge. Her rough, raw vocals will easily turn heads in wanting to give her a listen, likewise her looks are very easy on the eyes as well. (Which is why I grabbed her album, browsing through the "J" section of the local record store, I just couldn't pass it up, and be curious as to who this blonde bombshell was. I was not disappointed.)

    Her musical style can also be compared to The Black Crowes. If the Crowes were to take on a female lead singer, "Make You A Believer" would be a good example, likewise, "Who Do You Think You Are."

    "You Don't Have To Remind Me" is a cool ballad, her voice is truly exceptional. "I Want To Believe" is another ballad, and it proves that not only can Jordan record some outstanding rockers, her ballads are just as entertaining.

    The album's true rocker is "If You're Gonna Love Me." This particular tune can be a radio favorite, as it truly ROCKS in every sense. Her voice sounds exactly as Etheridge's, likewise on "Windin' Me Up," another rocker that could easily be another radio favorite.

    "Goin' Back Again" has a somewhat pop and almost today's Country sound, as her voice could fit most female country artists, and just a little of Etheridge's and/or Black Crowes. Getting back to the basic rock 'n' roll, "Do What Ya Want" is another barroom rocker. "Cry Baby" has ballad verses, with a rocking chorus -- the music is outstanding, and if Janis Joplin was alive today, this song could easily be hers.

    "Where There's A Will" has the basic rock 'n' roll Black Crowes sound, and is another great rocker. "Time Flies" has a much more Black Crowes sound, and it's another great tune, ending an album that has the listener wanting to hear more of a lady by the name of Sass Jordan.

    A great rock album, Racine will have Black Crowes and Melissa Etheridge fans searching for more of her music. All of the songs were co-written by Jordan, and as I continue looking in the record stores, I have yet to see any other releases. Yet, according to her main website, she has 5 albums as of 2003. It would be interesting (and most likely worth it) to listen to her remaining releases. Racine will surely have repeated listens, as this album is a great Rock album, and Jordan's music should not be overlooked.

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