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"The Swing"

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Year of Release: 1984

track listing
  • Original Sin
  • Melting In The Sun
  • I Send A Message
  • Dancing On The Jetty
  • The Swing
  • Johnson's Aeroplane
  • Love Is (What I Say)
  • Face The Change
  • Burn For You
  • All The Voices

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    "The Swing"

    This week is the debut of INXS on the WSVNRadio website, their 1984 release, The Swing. Michael Hutchence died too early, yet the music of INXS holds as one of the best bands of the 1980s, with their energetic dance mixes. The Swing just hadn't peaked their popularity, until a year later with the release of their next album, Listen Like Thieves. Yet, The Swing features two great songs ("Original Sin" and "I Send A Message"). The remaining tracks from this album are just as energetic, and seems even fresh to listen to, almost 20 years later.

    "Melting In The Sun" is a good tune, where the dance music of the '80s is definitely strong on "Dancing On The Jetty." Even with a more strong rock style, the title track has the sound of another popular 1980s dance band, Duran Duran, yet INXS has a definite harder rock edge than that of Simon LeBon and company.

    "Johnson's Aeroplane" is a bit more moodier than the standard dance sound of INXS; "Love Is (What I Say)" is another definite 1980s dance song, easily recognized as INXS. Likewise, comparing to the likes of Duran Duran is heard on "Face The Change." "Burn For You" and especially "All The Voices" creates a more distinct sound for INXS, even so having some comparisons to Duran Duran again. Yet, having a more rock sound, and even a world music sound on "All The Voices," INXS would be considered more of a better Rock band, than that of mixing 1980s dance rock.

    Dance rock mixed with funk (thanks with the help of veteran funk producer Nile Rodgers [Chic]), INXS formed an album with very enjoyable rhythms and rock originals. The two standout songs are "Original Sin" and "I Send A Message." The message is quite clear, INXS was building on it's music to a wider audience, than that of their Australian home fans. The American audience noticed INXS a year later with Listen Like Thieves, and the rest as they say is history. With two more albums afterwards (Kick and X), there was no stopping of success for INXS. A live album and two more studio releases would follow, and tragically, Michael Hutchence died in 1997 from hanging himself in his hotel room, ruled as a suicide, where some felt it was an accident from his autoerotic asphyxiation.

    INXS's music will always be remembered as fresh and energetic rock of the 1980s. Also remembered as dance rock, INXS mixed their music with funk, rock and dance, that would easily have the fan of such tastes of music rocking and dancing. Michael Hutchence died too young, yet his music will live on, and will also be an influence to many fans and future musicians to come.

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