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Eartha Kitt
"Eartha Quake"

© Bear Family Records
Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Annie Doesn't
    Live Here
  • Lilac Wine
  • I Want To Be Evil
  • C'est Si Bon (1953)
  • Two Lovers
  • Mountain High
    Valley Low
  • Angelitos Negros
  • Uska Dara (1953)
  • Avril Au Portugal
    (April In Portugal)
  • African Lullaby
  • Senor
  • Santa Baby (1953)
  • Under The Bridges
    Of Paris
  • Oh John
    (Please Don't
    Kiss Me)
  • Let's Do It (1953)
  • Salangadou
  • Sandy's Tune
  • Smoke Gets
    In Your Eyes
  • The Blues
  • My Heart
    Belongs To Daddy
  • Lovin' Spree
  • Somebody Bad Stole
    De Wedding Bell
  • Looking For A Boy
  • Lonely Girl
  • Easy Does It
  • I Wantcha Around
  • Apres Moi
  • Mink Shrink
  • This Years's
    Santa Baby
  • Hey Jacque
  • Strangers In
    The Starlight
  • Do You Remember
  • The Day The Circus
    Left Town
  • The Heel
  • Mambo De Paree
  • I've Got That
    Lovin' Bug Itch
  • Dinner For One
    Please James
  • My Heart's Delight
  • Freddy
  • Sweet And Gentle
  • Sho-Jo-Ji
    (The Hungry
  • Nobody Taught Me
  • Nothin' For Christmas
  • Je Cherche Un Homme
    (I Want A Man)
  • If I Can't Take It
    With Me
  • Just An Old
    Fashioned Girl
  • Mademoiselle Kitt
  • Oggere
  • No Importa Si Menti
  • Lazy Afternoon
  • There Is No Cure
    For L'amour (1993)
  • Lisbon Antigua
  • Lullaby Of Birdland
  • Johnny
  • There Is No Cure
    For L'amour (1956)
  • Fascinating Man
  • Thursday's Child
  • Le Danseur
    De Charleston
  • Honolulu
    Rock And Roll
  • Vid Kajen
  • Rosenkyssar
  • Put More Wood
    On The Fire
  • Enough
  • I'm A Funny Dame
  • A Woman Wouldn't
    Be A Woman
  • Toujour Gai
  • Waydown Blues
  • Proceed With Caution
  • Yomme Yomme
  • Take My Love
    Take My Love
  • Careless Love
  • Beale Street Blues
  • Hesitating Blues
  • The Memphis Blues
  • Atlanta Blues
  • Friendless Blues
  • Yellow Dog Blues
  • Chantez Les Bas
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Long Gone
  • Steal Away
  • Hist The Window
  • Shango
  • Sholem
  • Torah Dance
    (Ki M'tzion)
  • Tierra Va Temblar
  • Mack The Knife
  • I'd Rather Be Burned
    As A Witch
  • Independent
  • Love Is A Gamble
  • Yellow Bird
  • Jambo Hippopotami
  • In The Evening
    (When The Sun
    Goes Down)
  • Lamplight
  • Apres Moi (1960)
  • My Heart Belongs
    To Daddy
  • Let's Do It (1960)
  • Lilac Wine
  • C'est Si Bon (1960)
  • I Want To Be Evil
  • I Wantcha Around
  • Uska Dara (1960)
  • Santa Baby (1960)
  • Just An Old
    Fashioned Girl
  • Angelitos Negros
  • April In Portugal
  • Johnny With The
    Gentle Hands
    (take 7)
  • Johnny With The
    Gentle Hands
    (take 8)
  • Monotonous
  • Love Is A
    Simple Thing
  • Bal Petit Bal
  • Overture
  • Mrs. Patterson
  • Mrs. Patterson
  • Devil Scene
  • If I Was A Boy
  • The Fantasy
  • I Wish I Was A
    Bumble Bee
  • Card Game Scene
  • Be Good Be Good
    Be Good
  • Tea Party Scene (cont.)
  • Tea In Chicago
  • Tea Party Scene
  • My Daddy Is A Dandy
  • Finale
  • Tea In Chicago
  • I Can't Give You
    But Love
  • Solitude
  • Since I Fell For You
  • What Is This Thing
    Called Love
  • Tierra Va Temblar
  • Callete (Caliente)

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    Eartha Kitt
    "Eartha Quake"

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrr............... (After all, she portrayed Catwoman on the TV show Batman....)

    The memories of Eartha Kitt can be traced to having a 45 rpm record of hers, when I was a child ("Two Lovers"), and to many others, her incredible portrayal of Catwoman on the Batman TV series would be the most memorable. But what many do not know, is that she had a music career, and probably her most famous song most can remember is her Christmas classic, "Santa Baby," originally recorded in 1953. She would record a new version, "This Year's Santa Baby," a year later, and a new version of "Santa Baby" in 1960.

    Germany's Bear Family Records released a complete box set of Kitt's music in 1993 -- Eartha Quake, a 5-disc journey of easy listening, jazz, and spanish tunes, spanning her career from the early 1950s to early 1960s. Her voice, whether it be singing or spoken, is unmistakable, sultry, sexy, mysterious, captivating...

    132 songs are captured in this box set, and each song created a distinct sound for Kitt, whether it be the sultry spoken voice in "I Want To Be Evil" (1953 version), sexy and sultry jazz in "C'est Si Bon" (1953 version), or great spanish music heard in "Uska Dara" (1953 version) and "Avril Au Portugal (April In Portugal)". Her 1959 version of "Tierra Va Temblar" could have been a song included in the soundtrack of West Side Story.

    In listening to various tunes, it is easy to see how Madonna could be inspired by Eartha Kitt, where Madonna had recorded spanish-type songs in the peak of her career. (Madonna would also record her own version of "Santa Baby.") You could also picture Madonna singing "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" as you listen to Eartha Kitt's version.

    Easy Listening lovers will enjoy "Under The Bridges Of Paris," likewise "Let's Do It" (1953 version), and "I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch." (In fact, Disc 5 has many Easy Listening similarities.) Harry Belafonte fans will enjoy "Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell," "Yellow Bird," "Jambo Hippopotami" Mambo music is heard on "Mambo De Paree," as there are many mambo related songs in this collection. "Oggere" (very impressive) and "No Importa Si Menti" could even pass as slow Reggae tunes. Kirsty Maccoll's "Who Wears These Shoes" on "Put More Wood On The Fire." The Big Band/Jazz sound are excellent on songs such as "My Heart's Delight," "Take My Love Take My Love" and "Careless Love." Great R&B as in Lavern Baker is heard on "A Woman Wouldn't Be A Woman." Likewise good R&B/Jazz on the "Blues" series: "Beale Street Blues," "Hesitation Blues," "The Memphis Blues," "Atlanta Blues," "Friendless Blues," "Yellow Dog Blues," "Chantez Les Bas," "St. Louis Blues," and "Long Gone." An incredible gospel sound is heard on "Steal Away," likewise the good ol' religion is heard on "Hist The Window Noah."

    There are songs having Eartha Kitt sings so sexy and sultry, she could be compared to Marilyn Monroe's sultry songs: "Looking For A Boy" and "Lonely Girl" have a great jazz accompanient, and Kitt's voice just purrrs like a kitten.

    Easy Listening, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Spanish, Mambo, Gospel -- It's all here in this great retrospective of Eartha Kitt's music. Bear Family Records have truly defined each artist/group they have presented by featuring EVERY recorded item they ever recorded. Eartha Kitt's voice is favorable on many songs, and of course, some songs are better than others. There maybe smaller greatest hits compilations, but Eartha Quake captures everything, with all different musical styles, and in the end, it is amazing how much recorded music she had in less than a decade.

    © All rights reserved. Review or any portion may not be reproduced without written permission. Cover art is the intellectual property of Bear Family Records and is used for reference purposes only.

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    Icos--Incurable Contact
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    50 Cent--Get Rich Or Die Tryin'