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Uriah Heep
"Sweet Freedom"

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Year of Release: 1973

track listing
  • Dreamer
  • Stealin'
  • One Day
  • Sweet Freedom
  • If I Had The Time
  • Seven Stars
  • Circus
  • Pilgrim
  • Sunshine

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    Uriah Heep
    "Sweet Freedom"

    Uriah Heep -- the name may not be common to some, but to FM Rock Radio, a small handful of their tunes are easily recognized... "Easy Livin'" from Demons And Dragons, and another popular song from this week's review, "Stealin'" from Sweet Freedom.

    "Dreamer" captures the hard rock of the '70s, and it's possible this song could easily be handled by the likes of The Black Crowes. "One Day" has a more theatrical/progressive sound, as heard from previous releases (Demons And Wizards, Salisbury). The title track is very progressive, having a somewhat Grand Funk Railroad mellower sound, and comparing to a psychedelic band from the '60s, Vanilla Fudge. Yet, Uriah Heep's own rock sound is easily determined, for those who are familar with their music.

    Another good progressive song is "If I Had The Time," a song that features great vocals (by the late David Byron); the harmonies also stand out. Energizing vocals with a powerful band orchestration, this song will be enjoyable for each repeated listen. "Seven Stars" has a more hard rock sound, and reading the liner notes from this release, another band they compare UH to, (and it's easily heard with this particular song), is the band Deep Purple.

    The "unplugged" accoustic guitar and vocals of "Circus" is very pleasant; the progressive/Deep Purplish "Pilgrim" is another good standout song. This song could be determined as their "rock opera" song from this release, it showcases how great the band can be at Progressive Hard/Rock. The closing tune, "Sunshine" is a bonus track, as it is a hard rocker, once again showing how Uriah Heep can achieve itself successfully, as a Classic Rock/FM Rock band.

    For the Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Progressive Rock fan, Uriah Heep is a band that is meant to be experienced. Their music is great, as it achieves great status as being a good Progressive/Hard Rock band. The liner notes have compared them to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Of those 3 bands mentioned, Sweet Freedom's music would compare more to Deep Purple. Yet, having their name ranked to those classic bands is a great achievement, and if those who aren't familiar with Uriah Heep, albums such as Sweet Freedom and Demons And Dragons are great introductions.

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    Hank Thompson--Vintage Collections
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