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track listing
  • Madalaine
  • Hungry
  • Seventeen
  • Without The Night
  • Purple Haze
  • State Of Emergency
  • Time To Surrender
  • Poison Angel
  • Hangin On
  • Headed For
    A Heartbreak
  • Higher And Higher

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    Steve Lawrence--The Best Of Steve Lawrence

    Ok folks, it's the late 1980s... Heavy-Metal Hair Rock bands were in their prime -- bands such as Warrant, Poison and the very popular Bon Jovi. From New York, the band Winger, featuring leader Kip Winger, debuted with their self-titled release in 1988. Two hits would emerge from this album, "Seventeen" and the very popular "Headed For A Heartbreak." Yet Winger would not be as popular as the bands mentioned in this paragraph, Winger's sound on this album would be typical of the bands that appeared before them.

    The leadoff track, "Madalaine," is your typical '80s Hair band sound, comparing to the likes of Warrant and Poison. (Ho hum, they all sounded alike...) "Hungry" also has the typical '80s Hair Band sound, yet it has some impressive classical arrangements at its beginning. (Note: Kip Winger had studied classical guitar before forming the band.)

    The popular hit "Seventeen" has a good hard rock sound, compared to the likes of Sammy Hagar / Van Halen. Bon Jovi can be compared on the ballad "Without The Night." The remake of the Hendrix classic "Purple Haze" is here, not a very impressive version, yet it has a harder rock sound (obviously).

    "State Of Emergency" is another typical one, a good impressive song, and a good album track, which given more exposure, could have been another popular hit. A harder rock edge sound is heard on songs such as "Time To Surrender", "Poison Angel" and the bonus track "Higher And Higher." Does the beginning of "Hangin On" sound like the intro (yet yet fast-paced) to Prince's Purple Rain? Overall, its another typical '80s Hair Band sound.

    Winger is a good album, and yet it does sound just as any of the popular Hair Bands at the time, this album's music is just another typical Hair Band release. Nothing negative, it's just that other bands in this style were much more popular than Winger, and received much more exposure. Winger has its moments, some songs better than others, yet it's just another typical '80s Heavy-Metal Hair Band album.

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    Previous Review: #954
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    Steve Lawrence--The Best Of Steve Lawrence