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Andy Kim
"Baby, I Love You - Greatest Hits"

© Capitol/EMI Electrola Records

Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Baby I Love You
  • Rock Me Gently
  • Shoot'em Up Baby
  • Be My Baby
  • Mary Ann
  • Oh Pretty Woman
  • Baby You're All I Got
  • Good Good Mornin'
  • Hang Up Those
    Rock 'n Roll Shoes
  • Songs I Can Sing Ya
  • And I Will Sing You
    To Sleep
  • Fire Baby I'm On Fire
  • Here Comes
    The Mornin'
  • You Are My Everything
  • Sunshine
  • Rock Me Gently (Part II)

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    Andy Kim
    "Baby, I Love You - Greatest Hits"

    Ahh... The 1970s... Bubblegum Rock... Andy Kim... His acclaim to fame was his solo #1, "Rock Me Gently," but what many may or may not know, is that he was the voice behind "Archie" of the cartoon series The Archies. Their only #1 was the classic oldie, "Sugar Sugar." His greatest hits compilation, "Baby, I Love You - Greatest Hits" captures his hits from 1969 to 1974.

    As I was listening to Andy Kim's version of "Baby I Love You," I knew it wasn't the version I was familar with -- so I looked it up, and The Ronettes version was the one that stood out. Kim's version is not that bad, however there are some more remakes on this compilation where the originals were much better. (Read on...)

    "Shoot'em Up Baby" didn't ring any bells, but it does have the typical 1970s Bubblegum sound. "Be My Baby" is the remake of The Ronettes version, as it sounds different then the original, and of course, The Ronettes version was much better. (After all, does it sound right for a GUY to sing "be my baby" ??) "Mary Ann" sounds like an early rocker by Neil Diamond. Another remake is Roy Orbison's "Oh Pretty Woman," and no one can be better than Roy -- Orbison's version is way better here. "Baby You're All I Got" almost sounds like "Rock Me Gently," and Neil Diamond. "Good Good Mornin'" has the Carribean sound. It has a warm feeling sound, and once again, Andy Kim's voice is having a similar resemblence to that of Neil Diamond.

    "Hang Up Those Rock 'n Roll Shoes" has a blues feel, and a more rock style than the bubblegum sound, yet it still has that '70s sound, and (ahem) Neil Diamond. Not to bring Diamond's name up again, but "Songs I Can Sing Ya" definitely has the style and sound of Neil Diamond. It's a very nice song, and his vocal style also resembles Harry Chapin. "And I Will Sing You To Sleep" is another pleasant song, having the Neil Diamond style.

    "Fire Baby, I'm On Fire" has a Cat Stevens atmosphere, yet having a more '70s adult contemporary touch to it. The Neil Diamond style returns with "Here Comes The Mornin'" and "You Are My Everything." "Sunshine" is more of a rocking '70s song, and the closing song, is Part II of "Rock Me Gently," which is really an instrumental with a chorus vocal. (Karaoke anyone?)

    Even though "Rock Me Gently" is the standout for those who remember the 1970s, it's interesting to hear other songs by "not-so-well-known" artists. Some may think Andy Kim was a one-hit wonder with his #1 song, but it was interesting to know about him being the voice behind The Archies. Neil Diamond fans (!) will enjoy this compilation as well -- very strong resemblences to his voice and musical style. The songs here are good, some better than others, but overall, it's "Rock Me Gently" that is the standout, and just maybe best heard on a compilation with other 1970s hits, as included on the Rhino series Super Hits of the '70s, Have A Nice Day (Volume 13).

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