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Keith Urban
"Be Here"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Days Go By
  • Better Life
  • Making Memories Of Us
  • God's Been Good To Me
  • The Hard Way
  • You're My Better Half
  • I Could Fly
  • Tonight I Wanna Cry
  • She's Gotta Be
  • Nobody Drinks Alone
  • Country Comfort
  • Live To Love Another Day
  • These Are The Days

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    Keith Urban
    "Be Here"

    Keith Urban has been in the news lately, disclosing an alcohol problem. Whether you like him or not, his popularity as a Country artist has been very popular. His 2004 release, Be Here has quite a few songs that received heavy airplay, including three #1 songs: "Days Go By," "Making Memories Of Us" and "Better Life." (Of the three, I personally like "Making Memories Of Us" the best.)

    The first three tracks are those #1's, and those familar with today's Country music, should already know these songs as soon as they start. Urban has Christian spirits in "God's Been Good To Me" (as his first album presented Christian-themed songs), and this song does have a nice Country feel. The beginning of "The Hard Way" sounds abit like The Beatles' "Mother Nature's Son," yet this song is a very nice quiet soft Country song. "You're My Better Half" is one of those songs easily recognized as Urban's, it could have been another #1 hit, as it relates to "Days Gone By." "I Could Fly" also has a nice Country feel.

    "Tonight I Wanna Cry" is another nice ballad. "She's Gotta Be" is probably the least listened song, having a somewhat different Country sound. The medium-paced "Nobody Drinks Alone" just maybe a song from Urban's personal views, as his drinking did make headlines recently. "Country Comfort" I believe is a remake, and done very well. "Live To Love Another Day" is another fine upbeat Country tune. "These Are The Days" has the "Days Gone By" atmosphere, yet at a more slower pace.

    Some very good Country music here, as Keith Urban's music is very entertaining. Enough said about any celebrities' personal addictions, it's the music that is important. Be Here is a good album, featuring #1 hits, as his previous releases also did.

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