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King Missle
"Happy Hour"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • Sink
  • Martin Scorese
  • (Why Are We) Trapped
  • It's Saturday
  • VvV (Vulva Void)
  • Metanoia
  • Detachable Penis
  • Take Me Home
  • Ed
  • Anywhere
  • The Evil Children
  • Glass
  • And
  • King Murdock
  • I'm Sorry
  • Heaven
  • Happy Hour

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    King Missle
    "Happy Hour"

    King Missle's music was brought up to everyone's attention on MTV's Beavis & Butthead. More importantly, was their song "Detachable Penis." The album this particular song is from, is from their 1992 release, Happy Hour.

    The opening track, "Sink" has an Alternative Sound, much like the Smashing Pumpkins. Please note, that "Sink" is Track 2 from this CD, as the first track is a very short introduction. "Martin Scorese" has very vulgar lyrics, even though the band is expressing how much they enjoy Scorese's films. (Nice to know that the booklet with the CD includes lyrics to each song.) "(Why Are We) Trapped" has a U2-ish sound, from their later albums, such as Joshua Tree. A very good song, it also has a harder rock edge than U2's.

    "It's Saturday" storyline is how one is independent from anyone, as this song is more of a spoken word track. Another good Alternative Rock song is the next track, "VvV (Vulva Void)". "Metanoia" has a much harder Alternative Rock edge, as if mixing Alternative Rock with Punk. It's a strange song, and some can say the same for "Detachable Penis." "Take Me Home" is even more strange, as the guitars have a 1960s Psychedelic feel, maybe even the early years of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd.

    Now this album is getting more stranger, psychedelia keeps going with "Ed." A more mellower and pleasant sound is heard on "Anywhere." Strangeness returns with "The Evil Children" Also strange is the next tracks, "Glass/And." If you mix the 1960s Surf sound with today's Alternative, it just may sound like "King Murdock," a short less than a minute instrumental.

    "I'm Sorry" is mellow, and more of a spoken word track. "Heaven" is another mellow slow paced tune, but the singing could have been alot better. The ending title track is just as bad, sounding like music at a very depressing funeral.

    King Missle's Happy Hour is anything but. Although the first 6 tracks are very enjoyable Alternative Rock songs, the rest of the album just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Music not for everyone, the only good thing about this album was "Detachable Penis," a strange song to listen to, it was praised by Beavis & Butthead, making any fan of theirs curious to listen to the bands that Beavis & Butthead "enjoy." As a whole, Happy Hour will not define an hour's worth of listening.

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