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"Labour Of Love"

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Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • Cherry Oh Baby
  • Keep On Moving
  • Pleasee Don't
    Make Me Cry
  • Sweet Sensation
  • Johnny Too Bad
  • Red Red Wine
  • Guilty
  • She Caught The Train
  • Version Girl
  • Many Rivers To Cross

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    "Labour Of Love"

    With Summer 2006 right around the corner, there's nothing like warm sunshine, and happy tropical music... Reggae Music, that is... Bob Marley may have been THE MAN in Reggae music, but lately, Reggae & Rap has been in the mix with popular hits by such artists as Sean Paul and Shakira... Oh yes, let us not forget -- the white rapper (BEFORE Eminem).. Snow (whatever happened to him?) Another popular group around the same time as Marley, was UB40. 1983's Labour Of Love is a collection of songs that were previously recorded by reggae artists.

    "Cherry Oh Baby" starts off the album. It was recorded by Eric Donaldson. It may not be a great song to start off the album, but it is listenable. "Keep On Moving" is a better song, being that recorded previously by Bob Marley & The Wailers. This song defintely keeps the reggae rhythms moving. Winston Groovey's "Please Don't Make Me Cry" is another good song, and the use of the saxophone is the extra added bonus touch. (Oh yes, I can visualize and feel the warm sunshine all around now... Ya Man...) The Melodians' "Sweet Sensation" lives up to the first name of its title.. Very sweet, happy reggae music. (Ya Man.)

    The Slickers' "Johnny Too Bad" is another song that is listenable, but not as vivid and exciting as previous songs. Although, the vocals are definitely pronounced as the popular line, "Ya Man, Come back to Jamaica, Man" (just trying to do the best Jamaican impersonation there...)

    Tony Tribe may have recorded "Red Red Wine" in reggae fashion, but this song is best rememebered being written and recorded in the late 1960s by Neil Diamond. UB40's version would become their first #1 song, and it's a very enjoyable upbeat rendition.

    OK... Where is that guy (when you need him) -- that used to do the 7-Up commercials in the 1970s, with his distinctive Jamaican voice... ("7-Up--The Uncola, anything else would be uncivilized")... "Guilty" (by Tiger) is mostly spoken voice by UB40, yet the voice of the 7-Up guy would have made this song a bit much better. "She Caught The Train" and "Version Girl" are ok songs, but good background music for enjoying the warm sunshine on the beaches, or just relaxing in the warm air in general. Ending the album is the classic "Many Rivers To Cross," which many artists recorded, Jimmy Cliff, one of them. UB40's version is definitely a wonderful version to listen to.

    No doubt.. This is definitely warm weather music to enjoy by. UB40's Labour Of Love has some warm reggae songs to relax to. For the true Reggae fans, Bob Marley's music may be at the top of the lists, but after his passing, other Reggae groups and artists have to carry on. UB40 is one of those bands that grows on you, and their music does make anyone feel happy, especially enjoying/listening to their music in the warm, sunny atmospheres.

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