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King's X
"Out Of The Silent Planet"

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track listing
  • In The New Age
  • Goldilox
  • Power Of Love
  • Wonder
  • Sometimes
  • King
  • What Is This
  • Far Far Away
  • Shot Of Love
  • Visions

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    King's X
    "Out Of The Silent Planet"

    Impressed by their self-titled release (it wasn't their debut), King's X has always been an interesting band. Recognizing themselves as a band of Christians rather than a Christian-rock band, I haven't been disappointed with any of their previous and later releases. Out Of The Silent Planet was their debut album, as they have always had a unique sound. The biracial band consisting of Doug Pinnick (bass/vocals) [black], Jerry Gaskill (drums) [white] and Ty Tabor (guitar, vocals) [white], their music has a definite heavy metal sound, with spiritual lyrics.

    The opening track, "In The New Age" starts out very experimental, yet kicks into a common heavy metal sound heard on future releases. "Goldilox" fits more of a pop/metal atmosphere. "Power Of Love" and "Wonder" have the sound matching many of the popular hair bands of the day. "Sometimes" has a more harder rock edge, like most of the '80s hair bands, even the later solo years of Ozzy Osbourne. '80s hair bands (such as Nelson (Ricky Nelson's twin sons) best compares the style of "King."

    Fans familiar with the King's X sound throughout their career, "What Is This" captures the expert sound of heavy metal, as Ozzy. The same can be said for the remaining songs on the album: "Shot Of Love" and "Visions."

    A very good debut, Out Of The Silent Planet premiered a new group with a distinctive sound, both musically and vocally. King's X is an interesting band to listen to, and furthers your interests in listening to more of their future albums. Heavy Metal fans will enjoy this band, as they can relate to fans such as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, 1980s Hair Bands, and even Deep Purple.

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