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John Wayne
"America, Why I Love Her"

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Year of Release: 1972 Rating:

track listing
  • Why I Love Her
  • The Hyphen
  • Mis Raices Estan Aqui
    (My Roots Are
    Buried Here)
  • The People
  • An American Boy
    Grows Up
  • Face The Flag
  • The Good Things
  • The Pledge Of Allegiance
  • Why Are You Marching
  • Taps

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    John Wayne
    "America, Why I Love Her"

    John Wayne may not be a household name in popular music, but his America, Why I Love Her album has been aired on music, talk, and practically any other radio format radio station, for it's patriotic messages in each track on the album, and best to listen to, during the patriotic holidays, and during hard times in our political encounters. Remembering how great our country is, there is always a warm feeling as you listen to each track from this album.

    This album was recorded in 1973, and my first encounter of this album was listening to Warren Freiberg on local Lansing, Illinois radio station WLNR during my hight school years (early 1980s). Warren was truly a great radio personality, as he would play tracks from this album whenever appropriate. (The tracks that stood out were "Face The Flag," "Why Are You Marching Son" and "Taps.") I'm sure Mr. Freiberg played the whole album, maybe through its entirety and/or various tracks throughout his radio career.

    I found a CD copy of this album from ebay, and when 9/11 emerged, the album was reissued on CD (it may have earlier, but I noticed CD copies in the stores after 9/11). The copy I did received from ebay has the original album cover, and when inspecting the inner sleeve, it is wonderful to see that the spoken words are shown, to read along with each track.

    The standout tracks are "Face The Flag" -- this one shows our proud we are as Americans to represent the United States with the American flag as its symbol for freedom. It's important that our troops represent the flag for truth, justice, and the American way, as they fight for our freedom. "Taps" is another moving track, where most people may not have known that there were actually lyrics to this familiar melody. "Why I Love Her" was first learned by myself by another popular (and controversial) talk-show host, Wally George, as George's version was pretty much spoken the same way as John Wayne.

    For any patriotic individaul, John Wayne's America, Why I Love Her is a must to have. Next to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA" (which was long before 9//11), It is best listened to for the 4th of July holiday, and even how terrible 9/11 was, somehow listening to this album, and remembering how great this country is, and how it stood for freedom and the American way. John Wayne stood as a symbol for this album, and not other being a great actor in all the movies he portrayed in his life, Mr. Wayne could also represent a proud figure for how this album was recorded -- The United States of America -- Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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