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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Higher Place
  • All The Way
  • Signs Of Life
  • All The Things
  • Loved By You
  • Livin' To Do
  • World Gone Wild
  • I Got A Reason
  • With Your Love
  • Lifetime Of Dreams
  • Live And Breathe
  • Nothin' Comes Close
  • To Be Alive Again
  • Kiss Me Softly
  • We Will Meet Again

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    It's a coincidence that the previous Journey release, Trial By Fire (featuring the last album with vocalist Steve Perry) would be followed by the first release with its newest lead singer, Steve Augeri. An EP (Red 13; 2002) and 2005's Generations according to other reviewers, made Journey branch in another direction with their music, and trying not to be just another Steve Perry-esqe band. In June, 2007, Augeri was temporarily replaced (due to illness) by Jeff Scott Soto, and according to Journey's website, the band announced there was a departure with Soto.

    Arrival does reflect on the old Perry/Journey sound...

    "Higher Place" is a great rocking song to start out, and as expected, the Steve Perry/Journey fans are eager to listen to the band's newest singer, and Steve Augeri does resemble Perry's vocal style. Another band comes to mind while listening to this song -- Survivor. "All The Way" is a nice ballad, and does reflect to the old Journey, but it does separate Augeri's soundalike voice to Perry's, except when Augeri sings some of the higher notes.

    "Signs Of Life" does sound like a Journey/Perry composition, and also Survivor. "All The Things" gives a more rock edge, and the vocal style is a bit different than Journey with Perry -- a nice approach, trying to get away from the comparisons and popularity of how Steve Perry was with Journey.

    "Loved By You" is another nice ballad, having a more different sound than with Perry (Survivor), yet Augeri's higher notes does have the only comparisons. "Livin' To Do" has a different style, a little more bluesy. "World Gone Wild" definitely sounds like Perry, as if Perry didn't leave the band. Likewise the Pop Journey/Perry style is heard on the next track, "I Got A Reason." The ballads "With Your Love" and "Lifetime Of Dreams" have both the Perry style and Survivor.

    Steve Augeri's vocal style is sounding more and more like Steve Perry -- Although "Live And Breathe" has a bit more harder rock style, the vocals still sound as if Steve Perry is back with the band. (Nothing wrong with this, but it is nice to hear other songs where Augeri is NOT compared to Perry and what would be the years for the Journey career.)

    "Nothin' Comes Close" has a different musical style to Perry's, yet Augeri's vocals still has that Perry comparison. "To Be Alive Again" -- again, it's the Perry sound. "Kiss Me Softly" sounds as if there is another singer along with Augeri, and its musical style is a bit eerie, to that of the Perry/Journey years, yet Augeri's vocals has the Perry sound again. The last track, "We Will Meet Again" is once again another Perry/Journey soundalike.

    There is nothing really wrong with Arrival; its a good title for a new singer for the band, yet Steve Augeri's vocals have a different approach in this album's beginning tracks. Yet in the end, fan of Steve Perry and his years with Journey will easily hear the strong resemblances of Perry and the best years of Journey's history. For those expecting a new sound and style throughout this album, there will be a disappointment. But for those who enjoyed Perry's years with Journey, fans will enjoy Augeri's voice, and the Perry style/soundalikes.

    Journey is taking time to create more songs for the band, but the questions remain about its lead vocalist -- that with Augeri's illness and his fill-in Jeff Scott Soto. Will either of them be back, or will we see the return of Steve Perry? That has yet to be answered when their next album/new songs are released in upcoming year.

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