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Warlock Pinchers
"Deadly Kung Fu Action/Pinch A Loaf"

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Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • We Got The Beast
  • Where The Hell Is
    Crispin Glover
  • Arnie
  • Flaming Mimes
  • Anthem Five
  • Back In Black
  • Devil Without A Pause
  • Deadly Gary Fu
  • Morissey Rides
    A Cockhorse
  • Curious George And
    The Ayatollah
  • Arsenic Chick
  • Watch Rizz Out
  • Wayne The Dead
    Battery Guy
  • Phone Fun 1
  • Let's Get Maced
  • Fruit Stripe Gum
  • Jolt Is...
  • Mana Mana
  • Hey Bud
  • King O'Lyrics
  • Ladies And Gentleman
    Master Magician
    Doug Henning
  • Sermon 1
  • Curious George And
    The Anti-Christ
  • Sermon 2
  • The Great Way
  • Billy The Scab
  • Anthem Four
  • Phone Fun 2
  • Ballad Of The
    Brothers Chuck
  • They Said Something
    eAbout You
  • I Think We're Tiffany
  • Epilogue

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    Soundtrack--2001: A Space Odyssey
    Warlock Pinchers
    "Deadly Kung Fu Action/Pinch A Loaf"

    When looking up this band on Google, a myspace site was shown, as the music of the Warlock Pinchers is "dedicated to Satan". Let it be known, that WSVNRadio has no intent of dedicating their desires to Satan, but here's the story on this particlar album: I was looking into finding a song that was well-known on Sesame Street and the Muppets, "Mana Mana." I found the original version (I think) from a Swedish film soundtrack (Pierre Ummiliani's Swezia, Inferno E Pardiso [Sweden, Heaven Or Hell]). This song was also covered by a band called the Warlock Pinchers, from their album "Deadly Kung Fu Action." (This album was originially titled Pinch A Loaf when it was released on vinyl. In later years after this discovery, the band Cake would remake their own version for a children's chairty album, For The Kids.

    I will not rate each song from this release (like I normally would), because there are only two words to describe this album: IT'S BAD.

    Overall, the group's sound is much like a very bad Beastie Boys album. I'm sure they were influenced by the likes of punk bands such as The Sex Pistols, and they did incorporate some rap influences, such as how The Beastie Boys "rap" on their albums.

    Some highlights are how they incorporate sound bites on such songs, as in what is considered their best song (after reading numerous reviews), "Morrisey Rides A Cockhorse." Barry Manilow's "V.S.M." (Very Strange Medley) has a sound bite from his Dr. Pepper jingle, and there are some phone calls, and some shot comedy sketches along the way. But the best highlights are their version of AC/DC's "Back In Black," where it sounds as if the Beastie Boys would record this song in their own particular style. And of course, my personal favorite is their version of "Mana Mana," where it sounds like how the originals were, yet it has a spot towards the end of the song where you hear it backwards. (I guess they had to put their own devlish touch to it.) And for those wondering about the Sesame Street version, it is available on the Sesame Street 35th Anniversary box set.

    This is taken from the site, and one of its reviews:

    ALL HAIL THE LORD HIGH SATAN!!!, November 29, 2003 By Janitor X (The Mountains)

    "Deadly Kung Fu Action" is a blast of pure adrenaline straight from the hell. Only buy this album if you want to be possessed by Satan. Once you do, you will forever be Satan's slave. Like the Pinchers say, "We've got the bodies and he's got the brains." The Warlock Pinchers may not sound all that original now, but this album is fifteen years old so when it was released it was totally unique. Every band in the rap-punk-metal genre will never be as original as the Pinchers. Maybe I'm a bit a prejudice because the Pinchers are from Denver (70 miles to the north of me) and I saw them play live all the time. My very first time in a mosh pit was at a Pinchers show in Boulder when they played their most popular song "Morrisey Rides A Cockhorse". In Colorado Springs somebody decided to have a punk show at our local Fine Arts Center. It was The Dead Milkmen with the Pinchers opening up. That would be the first and last punk show at the Fine Arts Center, they completely trashed the place.

    Beavis & Butthead would have loved this band. Were they on their show or not? Beavis would have loved the record company the Warlock Pinchers were on: BONER Records.

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    Previous Review: #1059
    Tony Bennett--Forty Years: The Artistry Of Tony Bennett
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    Soundtrack--2001: A Space Odyssey