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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Megalomaniac
  • Stray Bullet
  • Leid Und Elend
  • Mercy
  • Torture
  • Spit Sperm
  • Anarchy
  • Down And Out
  • Unfit
  • Waste

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    KMFDM marks their debut this week on, and I discovered this band, not on the radio, or knowing their music, but by their awesome album covers. As many hours I enjoy visiting local record stores, I just couldn't help but observe and acknowledge the beauty of the interesting and cartoon drawings of each KMFDM album. The artwork for almost all of the band's albums and singles were drawn by artist Aidan "Brute" Hughes. In researching the band, the letters MFDM represents the German phrase "Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid, which translates as "no majority from the pity." (Although some jokingly say it represents "Kill Mother F**king Depeche Mode.")

    This week's album was released in 1997 by the legendary Independent record label Wax Trax Records. This album is known by two titles, the band's self-titled album KMFDM or Symbols, as the album's title at the bottom of the album cover indicates 5 symbols, something other rock acts as Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin IV) and Prince, where he changed his name to a symbol, also known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.)

    "Megalomaniac" is very energetic, Techno Rock, another favorite German band of mine comes to mind, Laibach. The vocals are a little "tough-grit," but it's the energy of the music that really grabs your attention. The same can be said about the electronic-dance "Stray Bullet," having the energy music and tough-grit vocals. "Leid Und Eleno" is truly another energetic song musically, with normal voice German singing.

    "Mercy" has a mystery side, as it features effects and the music has a harder rock edge, yet it has a very distinctive 1980s sound, compared musically to the likes of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and The Cure. "Torture" compares to Laibach, "Spit Sperm" mixes (as many songs) electronica and hard rock, as to the likes of Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails. The same can be said for the next track, "Anarchy," a song having a hard rock electronica edge, and easily fitting the Alternative Rock formats.

    "Down And Out" has the Prodigy/NIN effect, another easy Alternative Rock song for radio stations featuring this kind of energetic electronic music. "Unfit" is another great "electricrocker," as Laibach comes to mind again, and if Prince were to travel down this road musically, this song would probably match his energetic tastes. (Or has he been down this road already?) "Waste" is a little extreme for me, and maybe just be the least favorite.

    As each song emerges from this release, it just keeps your attention, and wanting to listen more. Although this kind of music may not attract to everyone's likes, KMFDM showcases a mix of electronica and hard rock (heavy metal to some). Other electronica rockers come to mind, such as Prodigy (which I felt was a little more bizarre), Nine Inch Nails (who I think is far better than Prodigy), and even Marilyn Manson (he's bizarre enough).

    The KMFMDM/Symbols release captures music energy, and is truly different for the common music fan. Their music is an experience, and with most bands from Germany, they proved to be either interesting, or interestingly bizarre. As WSVNRadio enjoys all aspects of music, good and bad, different and bizarre, it's MUSIC -- and Everything about it.

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