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The Knack
"Serious Fun"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Rocket O'Love
  • I Want Love
  • Serious Fun
  • One Day At A Time
  • River Of Sighs
  • Let's Get Lost
  • Can Tickle
  • Shine
  • Won't Let Go/
    Aces And Eights
  • Body Talk
  • (I'll Be Your) Mau Mau
  • Doin' The Dog

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    The Knack
    "Serious Fun"

    The Knack's album after Capitol Records was 1991's Serious Fun. A rare album to find at the time, The Knack was always a great sounding band. Their debut Get The Knack was praised as a band becoming the "Next Beatles." Even with their second album But The Little Girls Understand achieved a few hit singles, and although their popularity didn't exactly reach the same as the Fab Four, their music has always been enyoyable.

    "Rocket O'Love" has a more harder sound than the first two albums, having a sound compared to the likes of the 1990s Billy Squier and Sammy Hagar. "I Want Love" has a rocking style of a Pretenders song, that I can't remember its song title, and it continues with a hard rocking style as the first song on this release. The title track has a somewhat sound to the first two albums, more notably Little Girls, yet it does continue and fit the rock songs already heard thus far from this release. Blues."

    "One Day At A Time" has a more Pop sound; a nice easy styled song. "River Of Sighs" returns the harder rock sound, as if Led Zeppelin would perform in 1991, musically -- vocally, it's The Knack. "Let's Get Lost" once again sees the Knack's music being updated for the newest 1990s (decade at the time), as they did with beginning tracks.

    "Fast Freight" is another instrumental, having a surfing music style. "We Belong Together" is a beautiful song, categorized in the early 1950s doo-wop style, with Valens' Latin vocals, making it his own. Valens' continues his own rocking Latin style on "That's My Little Suzie" and "Hurry Up." The Ricky Nelson style is similar on "Little Girl," and "Hi-Tone" is another good Valens upbeat song.

    Something completely different, is the Gregorian sounding 41 second track, "Can Tickle." "Won't Let Go/Aces And Eights" is two songs in one track: "Won't Let Go" continues the hard rocking updated style for The Knack; likewise "Aces And Eights" has an almost hard approach of the early Bon Jovi ("Living On A Prayer") in some instances. "Body Talk" will have Knack fans recongizing the vocals of Doug Fieger, yet the music has a rough hard rock edge. As "(I'll Be Your) Mau Mau", matching the hard rocking styles of the likes of Billy Squier, Sammy Hagar, and even Queen. "Doin' The Dog" is very upbeat, and rocking, and once again, giving a new updated sound to The Knack's music.

    A very rocking album, The Knack updated their sound to a harder rock edge for the 1990s. Noting their Round Trip continued fitting the rock styles of their first two albums, Serious Fun takes a different approach where the Knack gives a more harder rock style, and the ending results remain the same, that The Knack is another one of Rock's great bands.

    UPDATE: It is of great sadness, to report that Doug Fieger, lead singer and guitarist for The Knack, passed away on February 14, 2010, of Cancer. He was 57. "My Sharona" will always be one of the most popular songs in Rock music. Their studio albums have always been exceptional. Where most may not have heard of all of their albums, they were underrated, and yet, they are considered (or should be) one of the greatest bands in Rock & Roll. They have yet to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but I am hoping that some day that will. Not for Doug Fieger's memory, and not for "My Sharona", but for The Knack themselves - being a great band, and having great albums.

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