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Lenny Kravitz

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Battlefield Of Love
  • I Could Fall In Love
  • Yesterday Be Gone
    (My Dear Kay)
  • Stillness Of Heart
  • Believe In Me
  • Pay To Play
  • A Million Miles Away
  • God Save Us All
  • Dig In
  • You Were In My Heart
  • Bank Robber Man
  • Let's Get High

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    Lenny Kravitz

    By 2001, Lenny Kravitz had already been established as a major star. With five albums and a Greatest Hits package under his belt, he was ready to continue onward with new material. Lenny was released, and once again, it's another album of common-sounding Kravitz tunes. Very entertaining in the like, Kravitz still can rock, with songs from this album ranging in Rock, a bit bluesy, and soulful.

    "Battlefield Of Love" is a common Kravitz rocker, leading off this release. There's a mystery about "If I Could Fall In Love", yet it's a very well-done track. The easy-going "A Million Miles Away" also has a mysterious atmosphere, as it is a nice, easy-going song. One thing to mention about these two songs, not only are they well-done, but a comparison to Elvis Costello on these two songs could be debated.

    "Yesterday Is Gone (My Dear Kay)" has a nice, easy-going style. "Stillness Of Heart" is an easy radio favorite, likewise another song that I remember getting plenty of radio airtime, was "Dig In."

    "Believe In Me" is very soulful, and could be compared to the likes of Seal. Funky and Rockin' best describes "Pay To Play," where bluesy and catchy has "God Save Us All." Soulful and yet mystery returns on "You Were In My Heart." Although I really didn't care for the harder-edged rock of "Bank Robber Man," "Let's Get High" is a nice easy song to listen to, and a good feeling to end this album.

    Lenny is a good album. At this point in Kravitz's career, he really doesn't have to prove to anyone that he is a superstar. His albums capture the heart and soulfulness of a rock performer. All of his albums are quite spectacular, although Circus may have been showing a darker side, since Kravitz was experiencing some rather hard times in his life. Kravitz's music is exceptional; there's no doubt, and it's great to listen to new music from him, expanding his musical career with new material.

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