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Billy Joel

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Year of Release: 1976

track listing
  • Say Goodbye To Hollywood
  • Summer Highland Falls
  • All You Wanna Do Is Dance
  • New York State Of Mind
  • James
  • Prelude/Angry Young Man
  • I've Loved These Days
  • Miami 2017
    (Seen The Lights
    Go Out On Broadway)

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    Billy Joel

    Billy Joel's Turnstiles was released in 1976, where a year aftetr. he would become more famous with The Stranger. The song that'll ring memory bells would be the Phil Spector-ish "Say Goodbye To Hollywood," a song that would be more recognized as a live track from his 1981 release, Songs In The Attic.

    "Summer, Highland Falls" has the traditional early Billy Joel sound, even so on some future album releases. "All You Wanna Do Is Dance" has a different Billy Joel sound, having a somewhat Reggae feel. "New York State Of Mind" is another typical traditional Billy Joel styled song, and one of many of his signature songs from his early years. "James" is another nice, relaxing Billy Joel-styled tune, likewise "I've Loved These Days."

    "Prelude/Angry Young Man" is another one of those, "I seem to have heard this song before..." And of course, Billy Joel's piano playing is the standout. The last track, "Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)" has a more upbeat pop style in sound.

    Turnstiles is a very enjoyable album. Traditional Billy Joel-styled songs, his piano playing is always the standout on each song. Likewise, his songwriting has always been exceptional. The Stranger would be his next release, and although many of his pre-Stranger songs would become regular favorites ("Piano Man" for starters), it's always a treat to listen to an artist's or band's early works, before they would become famous.

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    Previous Review: #1115
    Various Artists--13 Of The Best Doo Wop Love Songs
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