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Gretchen Wilson
"All Jacked Up"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • All Jacked Up
  • California Girls
  • Full Time Job
  • Skoal Ring
  • He Ain't Even Cold Yet
  • One Bud Wiser
  • Politically Uncorrect
  • I Don't Feel Like
    Loving You Today
  • Rebel Child
  • Raining On Me
  • Not Bad For A Bartender
  • Good Morning Heartache

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    Gretchen Wilson
    "All Jacked Up"

    Gretchen Wilson marks her debut on WSVNRadio this week, with her 2005 release, All Jacked Up This album title pretty much states it all: This is a gal with toughness and edge, presenting 11 songs (and a bonus track), easily ripping up the Country sound, in all its glory, as it should sound.

    The title track kicks off the album, and if anyone doesn't get "jacked up" after listening, there is obviously something wrong, or maybe the listener(s) just doesn't like Country music(?) "California Girls" is another good Country rocker. "Full Time Job" slows down the melodic pace a bit, but still develops a good down-home Country sound. Down-home country has "Skoal Ring," "He Ain't Even Cold Yet" is a powerfull ballad, despite how the song title emotionally sounds. And with a song title such as "One Bud Wiser," no other music genre could match; Pure Country.

    Merle Haggard duets on "Politically Uncorrect" and it's great to hear an old legend sing with an up-and-coming (and maybe future) legend. Another song title, "I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today" is another one of those typical Country ballad songs, with the sad storyline, as "She/He Stopped Loving Him/Her Today." "Rebel Child" sums up the kind of title given for Gretchen Wilson, and the music contained on this album. "Raining On Me" is a great song -- it's Country, it's Rock, it's even Southern Rock. Another title in the category of "no other music gentre, BUT Country": "Not Bad For A Bartender." The bonus track is a cover of Billie Holliday's "Good Morning Heartache," a very impressive track, jazz in its own right, and Gretchen Wilson could easily record an all-Jazz album with songs such as this one, and still get praised highly for it.

    All Jacked Up is the feeling you will get after listening to this album. It's down-home Country, it's Rock n Roll, it's Southern Rock. The Billie Holliday bonus track is the icing on the cake. There is not one bad track on this whole release. It's a great album to play while driving, either in your car, or even motorcycles, for the bikers. It brings the rebel out in all of us. All Jacked Up is an excellent album. Gretchen Wilson has the spark and charisma of how Country should sound, not the overpopulated Pop style we hear in most newer Country acts. This albums rocks in its own right, and it IS Country too.

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    Eddy Raven--20 Favorites
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