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Rick Wakeman
"Can You Hear Me"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Hymn Of Hope
  • A Little Piece Of Heaven/
    Part Of The Crowd
  • Stay With Me
  • The Answer
  • Believe Me
  • A Cry Without Tears
  • Why Keep Hiding/
    Running Away
  • I Can't Hear You

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    Rick Wakeman
    "Can You Hear Me"

    Rick Wakeman returns this week, with an album of Christian/Spiritual themes, Can You Hear Me. Interesting to learn, that most of the songs from this release were from previous Christian-inspired albums. "I Can Hear You", "Stay With Me," "The Answer" and "A Cry Without Tears" were originally from Wakeman's album Prayers. These songs were remixed with additional guitars and choir for Can You Hear Me. "Hymn Of Hope" was originally titled "The Battle Hymn" and was from the Softsword release. Additional guitars and keyboards were added, with its new name, and also appeared on the album Prayers. For Can You Hear Me this song was given another remix of the guitars, and the English Chamber Choir was added.

    "New" songs for Can You Hear Me were "Why Keep Hiding/Running Away," "A Litle Piece Of Heaven/Part Of The Crowd" and "Believe Me." All musical arrangements were by Rick Wakeman. The vocalist heard on most of the songs were by Chrissie Hammond.

    The instrumental "Hymn Of Hope" is very powerful in sound, and can easily be used for a movie soundtrack. Wakeman's highly skilled piano is exceptionally beautiful on "A Little Piece Of Heaven," which merges into a Rock sound heard on "Part Of The Cloud."

    Chrissie Hammond provides the vocals on these three Christian/Spiritual songs: "Stay With Me," "The Answer" and "A Cry Without Tears." All three of these songs are soothing, in the Christian/Spiritual mood. "Believe Me" (vocals by Chrissie Hammond) has more of a Christian Rock atmosphere. On that topic of Rock, Chrissie Hammond's vocals, and the Rock sound of "Why Keep Hiding/Running Away" is a reminder of what the band Survivor would sound like, if they pointed into the Christian Rock direction. Even the last track, "I Can Hear You" can be compared to Survivor, and another band, which WSVNRadio promoted from its Hall of Fame, the band Sweet Crystal.

    Can You Hear Me is definitely a powerful, Christian album. Who is Chrissie Hammond? A truly inspiring singer in her own right, she has recorded numerous albums with Rick Wakeman, and her vocals has a slight resemblence to the band Survivor, and their musical style. Hammond's work with Rick Wakeman: Phantom Power, Softsword, Prayers, No Expense Spared, Light Up The Sky, Cirque Surreal, Can You Hear Me, Vignettes, Fields Of Green, Themes. She does have other albums, in which she teamed up with Adam Wakeman (Rick's son), on Soliloquy. She also was in the band, Cheetah, with her sister Lyndsay Hammond.

    Each song is powerful in their own rights as well. Rick Wakeman has proved beyond recognition, being a musical genius. He has covered many and interesting sources of music: Rock (most famous with the band Yes), Classical, and Christian. One day I would love to create a weekly radio show, covering Wakeman's career. It would be very interesting, to hear how his musical horizons has developed and expanded throughout the decades. He still records albums as of 2011. Can You Hear Me is a powerful album, with its Rock and Spiritual tracks. Visit his website,

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