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Casey Kasem
"Casey's Top 40 (04/04/1992)"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • Segment 1:
    Simply Red/Jodeci
  • Segment 2:
    John Mellencamp/
  • Segment 3:
    Cause & Effect/
    En Vogue
  • Segment 4:
    L.A. Guns/
    Prince & The NPG
  • Segment 5:
    AT&T Trivia Quiz
  • Segment 6:
    Ugly Kid Joe
  • Segment 7:
    Chris Walker/RTZ
    Disc Two:
  • Segment 8:
    Van Halen/Joe Public
  • Segment 9:
    Ozzy Osbourne/
    The Williams Brothers
  • Segment 10:
    Jody Watley/
    Bryan Adams
  • Segment 11:
    Mr. Big/
    Bruce Springsteen/
    The KLF
  • Segment 12:
  • Segment 13:
    Roxette/Escape Club
    Disc Three:
  • Segment 14:
    Amy Grant/
    CeCe Peniston
  • Segment 15:
    Michael Bolton/
    Mint Condition
  • Segment 16:
    Richard Marx/
    Celine Dion &
    Peabo Bryson/
    Michael Jackson
  • Segment 17:
    Stacy Earl/Genesis
  • Segment 18:
    Kathy Trococoli/
    Tevin Campbell
  • Segment 19:
    Color Me Badd/
    Eric Clapton
    Disc Four:
  • Segment 20
    Mariah Carey
  • Segment 21:
    Atlantic Starr/
    Vanessa Williams
  • Segment 22:
    Intro Jingle #1
  • Segment 23:
    Intro Jingle #2
  • Segment 24:
    Cathy Dennis
  • Segment 25:
    Michael Bolton
  • Segment 26:
  • Segment 27:
  • Segment 28:
    Sinead O'Connor

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    Casey Kasem
    "Casey's Top 40 (04/04/1992)"

    His name should be no stranger to anyone who is familar to Radio... Casey Kasem was the man known for counting down the biggest hits in popular music. He hosted American Top 40 from 1970 to 1988. Shadoe Stevens took over as host from 1988 to 1995. Casey Kasem returned the show in 1998, and in 2004, Ryan Seacrest took over as host. As an avid listener to both Mr. Kasem and Mr. Stevens as hosts, I was eager to acquire some of their past broadcasts (thanks to ebay). After Casey Kasem left in 1988, he had his own show, Casey's Top 40, from 1989 to 1998. Having collected both of Kasem's and Stevens' broadcasts, it was an obvious choice to find (at least one of), a copy of a Casey's Top 40 broadcast.

    So once again, thanks to ebay, I was able to find a broadcast of Casey's Top 40 from April 4, 1992. The American Top 40 countdowns featured the Top 40 songs from Billboard Magaine. Radio & Records provided the Top 40 for Casey's new show. (And surprisingly enough, when Ryan Seacrest took over AT 40, the Top 40 was provided by another source, of which I cannot remember, since I haven't kept in touch in listening to Seacrest's program. (For obvious reasons: I'm not a huge of Seacrest, and listening to songs that are nearly 100% Rap.)

    But during the 1990s, music was somewhat still in a good phase. 1992 had grunge music, and some of the songs from the R&B genre were still at least enjoyable to listen to. Here's the list of the popular songs and other segments:

    #40) "Stars"--Simply Red #20) "Human Touch"--Bruce Springsteen
    #39) "Stay"--Jodeci #19) "Justified And Ancient"--The KLF
    #38) "Again Tonight"--John Mellencamp #18) "One"--U2
    Long Distance Dedication
    "More Than Words"--Extreme
    #17) "Too Much Passion"--Smithereens
    #37) "You Think You Know Her"--Cause & Effect #16) "Church Of Your Heart"--Roxette
    #36) "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"--En Vogue Long Distance Dedication
    "I'll Be There"--Escape Club
    #35) "It's Over Now"--L.A. Guns #15) "Good For Me"--Amy Grant
    #34) "Money Don't Matter 2 Night"--Prince & The NPG #14) "We Got A Love Thang"--CeCe Peniston
    #33) "Bohemian Rhapsody"--Queen #13) "Missing You Now"--Michael Bolton
    AT&T Trivia Quiz:
    Who sang "I Shot The Sheriff"
    Eric Carmen, Eric Clapton, or Eric Burdon ?
    #12) "Breaking My Heart"--Mint Condition
    #32) "Come As You Are"--Nirvana #11) "Hazard (The River)"--Richard Marx
    #31) "If You Go Away"--NKOTB #10) "Beauty And The Beast"--Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson
    #30) "Everything About You"--Ugly Kid Joe #9) "Remember The Time"--Michael Jackson
    #29) "Take Time"--Chris Walker #8) "Romeo And Juliet"--Stacy Earl
    #28) "Until Your Love Comes Back Around"--RTZ #7) "I Can't Dance"--Genesis
    #27) "Right Now"--Van Halen #6) "Everything Changes"--Kathy Troccoli
    #26) "Live And Learn"--Joe Public Long Distance Dedication
    "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do"--Tevin Campbell
    #25) "Mama I'm Coming Home"--Ozzy Osbourne #5) "Thinkin' Back"--Color Me Badd
    #24) "Can't Cry Hard Enough"--The Williams Brothers #4) "Tears In Heaven"--Eric Clapton
    #23) "I'm The One You Need"--Jody Watley #3) "Make It Happen"--Mariah Carey
    #22) "Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven"--Bryan Adams #2) "Masterpiece"--Atlantic Starr
    #21) "To Be With You"--Mr. Big #1) "Save The Best For Last"--Vanessa Williams

    Notes: The Long Distance Dedication Extreme song was from a 19-year old teenager who would become a drug addict and alcoholic, would later recover, and dedicate the song to her parents, for never giving up on her. The AT&T Trivia Quiz answer to who sang "I Shot The Sheriff" -- Eric Clapton. In between songs #31 and #30, Casey mentions a story from his scrapbook, regarding how Elvis Presley recorded two songs for his mother at Sun Records, and how the secretary saw something to keep him. With that, he was brought back by owner Sam Phillips for an audition, and the rest they say, was history. The Long Distance Dedication Escape Club song was from a parent to her teenage daughter, who was killed in a car accident. The Long Distance Dedication Tevin Campbell song was from a man from Nigeria, who had been in an accident, and lucky for a woman who was there at the crash site, she was able to keep him alive by talking to him, so he wouldn't go into shock, and possibly result from death.

    Notes #2: The last disc has extra material, which contains 2 jingle/spots for the show: One is for Vanessa Williams, as we find out if she gets the #1 song for the week. The other relates to the harder rock bands from the countdown. 5 songs and their stories (with original commercials) follows afterwards: "Touch Me All Night Long" by Cathy Dennis, "How Can We Be Lovers" by Michael Bolton, "Kiss" by Prince, "Stand" by R.E.M., and "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor.

    This broadcast includes original commercials, and a log sheet for DJs to follow when the show was broadcasted on the network radio stations. The logs are always interesting to read and view. The #1 song by Vanessa Williams also reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1992. I'm sure there were songs different that reached #1, from both Billboard and Radio & Records.

    The popular countdown shows were from Casey Kasem, Shadoe Stevens, Rick Dees and Bob Kingsley (Country). I have yet to see a countdown show like this for Christian music. As for Ryan Seacrest, none of his AT40 broadcasts are unavailable on ebay. Probably the best way to achieve a copy, is to record it off the internet, and use it for private use, and not sell any copies. Any of these broadcasts are a treat -- it shows what the popular songs were at the time, and the stories behind each song are also interesting for later uses of trivia questions.

    Casey's Top 40 is just as great as American Top 40. Although both shows used different sources for the hits, Casey Kasem's countdown shows are legendary. I'm not sure if Ryan Seacrest will surpass the greatness of a Casey Kasem and/or Shadoe Stevens, I guess I just have to listen to more of his countdown shows to determine this for myself. Casey Kasem is a legend for his countdown shows, and having some of his broadcasts will be entertaining for the decades to come.

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