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Alison Krauss
"Forget About It"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Stay
  • Forget About It
  • It Wouldn't Have Made
    Any Difference
  • Maybe
  • Empty Hearts
  • Never Got Off The Ground
  • Ghost In This House
  • It Don't Matter
  • That Kind Of Love
  • Could You Lie
  • Dreaming My Dreams
    With You

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    Alison Krauss
    "Forget About It"

    Alison Krauss returns as another Album Pick of the Week for WSVNRadio, with her 1999 solo release, Forget About It. Where most artists who first emerge with a band wander off into soloville, leaving their beginning band behind, Alison Krauss did no such thing. Her record company agreed to have her release alternate albums, with her band, Union Station, and on her own. In either sense, her music with or without Union Station showcases great music, preferably Bluegrass, and Country.

    Forget About It in one word, is Pleasant. This album is probably one of the best relaxing, soothing, pleasant albums to listen to. Easy to wind down, or have on in the background while you work, or maybe even a mood setter. 11 tracks are here, and they all blend into a great set of music, with Krauss' most distinictive and beautiful voice.

    The opening track, "Stay" is very soothing, with its country feel, yet bluegrass-styled guitars. The title track has more of a Country flavor. "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" is very relaxing, and is considered the best song from my listening perspective. This song was also written by Todd Rundgren. Most of Krauss' is more Bluegrass than Country, and "Never Get Off The Ground" and "Could You Lie" can easily get the nods of approval of both the Bluegrass and Country playlists.

    Pleasant easily describes various tunes: "Maybe," "Empty Hearts," "Ghost In This House," "It Don't Matter Now," "That Kind Of Love," "Dreaming My Dreams With You." ("Empty Hearts," "It Don't Matter Now," "That Kinda Love" were all written or co-written by Michael McDonald. Basically, this entire album is just a pleasant, easy-going, beautiful album.

    Mentioning that this is Krauss' return to WSVNRadio, her first album on our site was reviewed in January, 2009 -- New Favorite (with Union Station). Forget About It defines both Bluegrass and Country flavors, where New Favorite has a more Bluegrass feel, and other members of Union Station shared lead vocals on various tracks, along with Alison Krauss.

    Country, or Bluegrass, Alison Krauss surely has some incredible music. Forget About It is an excellent album, comfortable in sound, easy to enjoy. It's also interesting to learn that there are songs written by other popular musicians, such as Todd Rundgren, and more notably, Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers). I have often thought about exploring McDonald's New Age Jazz music, as what I've heard of it (very little, I should say), sounds very interesting. Forget About It never forgets how Alison Krauss performs with or without Union Station; she still shows to the music world, and to her fans, that she is truly an outstanding singer, with great music to include to her credits.

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