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Osmond Brothers
"Greatest Hits"

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Year of Release: 1992

track listing
  • One Bad Apple
  • Down By The Lazy River
  • Love Me For A Reason
  • Crazy Horses
  • Let Me In
  • Yo-Yo
  • The Proud One
  • Hold Her Tight
  • Double Lovin'
  • Goin' Home

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    Casey Kasem--Casey's Top 40 (04/04/1992)
    Osmond Brothers
    "Greatest Hits"

    The Osmond Brothers (or The Osmonds) whichever you refer, will always be best remembered for one brother: Donny. Back in their heyday, the battle was on between the brothers Osmonds and brothers Jacksons. Who were the better brother group? To many, it would be The Jackson 5, as they achieved far more hits in popularity than the Osmonds. Yet, every young female teen was oohing and aahing over the young Donny Osmond and/or Michael Jackson. Throughout the years, Michael would have an outstanding solo career, and again, became more popular than Donny. But as of recent, Michael's life would turn for the worst (as some say it all started after his nose job). Donny would arrive here and there, with his solo music in the 1990s, being compared to a solo George Michael (and luckily that was all he was being compared to). Michael Jackson died at an early age of 50 in 2009, despite he could have lived longer (just as Elvis Presley should have). Michael's life was obviously in despair, due to his controlling father, and how he looked on his life. Elvis would have the same life, as being controlled by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

    The surprising thing is that The Osmonds achieved only one #1 hit, the cheesy "One Bad Apple." Of course, there were some songs better than that one. From the Curb label Greatest Hits, my personal favorite would have to be a tie between "Down By The Lazy River" and a song of which I had the MGM 45 rpm vinyl record, "Yo-Yo."

    Yet the rocking songs on this collection do have their moments. ("Down By The Lazy River," "Crazy Horses," "Hold Her Tight"; one song having a feel like the song by Chase, "Get It on"), these harder rocking songs were not the ones that made the Osmonds famous. "Goin' Home" is another comparison to "Down By The Lazy River," yet the latter song is the better of the two). It was the brothers' and preferably Donny's more softer songs that would be the most popular with their fans. Those songs are here, yet they didn't ring any memory bells off for me: the soulful "Love Me For A Reason,", the pleasant "Let Me In" -- a song title that I could picture the Osmonds performing Christian music with the likes of Bill Gaither in their older years. Recently The Statler Brothers did this with Gaither. Another pleasant soft song here is "The Proud One."

    "Yo-Yo" is definitely compared to the Jackson 5, even "One Bad Apple," with Donny having that high-pitched voice just as Michael Jackson did. Of course, with many groups and artists who would achieve a huge hit (preferably #1), "Double Lovin'" is one of those soundalikes, where they write a song which would sound similar to their #1, in this case, "One Bad Apple."

    The other Osmond brothers never really achieved a musical career like Donny did. Back in the 1990s, Donny would record some very impressive music, as one story he was being interviewed on a radio program, and he and the DJ wanted the audience to guess who was singing his latest song(s). George Michael's name kept popping up, but the DJ said no, and it was a shock to learn that it was actually Donny Osmond. Donny and his sister Marie would become a popular duo during the heyday of the Osmonds, and they would have a TV show together in their later years. Most recently, both Donny & Marie would appear on Dancing With The Stars, of which Donny won the title in the show's ninth season. Donny has also achieved many tasks, such as Broadway, TV game show host, and films. Michael Jackson's career may have been more popular in music than Donny's, but Donny's overall career has been very impressive.

    The Osmond Brothers will always be remembered as the comparison to the Jackson 5. Whether you agree who is the better group, both Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson will be best remembered. They both had their successful careers, yet we saw the downfall of Michael Jackson's life, which ended in his untimely death at age 50. Donny Osmond is now in his early 50s, and he is still going strong. Later on, we will take a look at his solo music during the 1970s. (His Best Of Donny Osmond compilation covered his 1990s solo material. and has already been selected as WSVNRadio's Album Pick of the Week in May, 1995.) Likewise, his peak musical years with his sister Marie.

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    Casey Kasem--Casey's Top 40 (04/04/1992)