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Toby Keith
"How Do You Like Me Now"

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track listing
  • How Do You
    Like Me Now
  • When Love Fades
  • Blue Bedroom
  • New Orleans
  • Country Comes To Town
  • Heart To Heart
    (Stelen's Song)
  • She Only Gets
    That Way With Me
  • Die With Your Boots On
  • You Shouldn't Kiss Me
    Like This
  • Hold You Kiss You Love You
  • Bottom Of My Heart
  • I Know A Wall
    When I See One

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    Toby Keith
    "How Do You Like Me Now"

    Toby Keith debuts this week on WSVNRadio, with his 1999 release, How Do You Like Me Now.

    I do enjoy some of Toby Keith's music. His honky tonk/upbeat Country tunes are probably my favorite, compared to the slower tunes. As "upbeat" as the title track for this album is, this is one song that I personally dislike. The song is good, except for when he extends his vibrato - "How do you like me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Quite the contrary, this song is probably the only least song of his, then I do not care for.

    As I listen to this album, (especially after Track 1, which is the title of this album), it seems this is a softer sounder side to Toby Keith. Both "When Love Fades" and "Blue Bedroom" are a bit mellow than his regular "rockin" faves, and both of these tunes are easy to listen to. "New Orleans" is even another slower mellow tune, and another one to relax to.

    Then we return to the upbeat Toby Keith sound we're familiar with - "Country Comes To Town" Then it's back to the mellow Toby, "Heart To Heart (Stelen's Song)" and on "She Only Gets That Way With Me."

    With a title like "Die With Your Boots On" this song would definitely be upbeat. Correct? In a way, yes on this tune, it is not mellow either. It's a nice, driving upward Country tune, as if Bon Jovi went Country. (Oh he already did!)

    Once again, the mellow side is heard, on what is probably Toby Keith's best ballad -- "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This." Everything is just right on this ballad. "Hold You Kiss You Love You" is not a mellow tune, yet it's not a fast upbeat tune, yet it has a cool Country sound. "Bottom Of My Heart" is another ballad, yet his voice returns here and there with the quivering vibrato. The ending song, "I Know A Wall When I See One" is a good upbeat tune, almost sounding like a Clint Black tune.

    I may not be a great Toby Keith fan as the next one. I enjoy some of his songs, and the others I can take or leave. How Do You Like Me Now is a good album. However, there could have been more upbeat tempo Country tunes. The slower paced tunes are recorded well, yet not the best material to make the album exceptional. "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" is the exception though, this particular ballad stands out as the best track. I'll take tunes such as "As Good As I Once Was" and "I Love This Bar" -- these are great Toby Keith songs.

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    Soundtrack--The Bodyguard