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"Music From The Elder"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • The Oath
  • Fanfare
  • Just A Boy
  • Dark Light
  • Only You
  • Under The Rose
  • A World Without Heroes
  • Mr. Blackwell
  • Escape From The Island
  • Odyssey
  • I
  • Finale

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    "Music From The Elder"

    1981's Music From The Elder is a very different approach from the band Kiss: A new drummer replaced Peter Criss -- Eric Carr. Musically, Music From The Elder would direct the band into a more theatrical sound. A few of the songs would involve the "typical Kiss sound." But overally, this album would be alot different than their most previous hard-rock albums.

    The album's opening track, "The Oath," features the "typical Kiss"; it's easy to recognize Paul Stanley's vocals. fanfare would be a short 1-minute orchestra piece. (Very different for Kiss.) Speaking of different, "Just A Boy" would be a ballad, in the style of Queen. "Dark Light" is another good track, as the vocals has a Kinks approach. "Only You" is another good track, with a good Kiss rock feel.

    Theatrical describes "Under The Rose" -- It's almost listening to the Moody Blues meeting Kiss. The "single" from this album would be "A World Without Heroes" -- A pleasant tune, and easily one of Kiss' best songs. However, the least favorite song to listen to, would be "Mr. Blackwell." The instrumental "Escape From The Island" displays the great guitar works and drumming.

    "Odyssey" is another theatrical number, where two acts come to mind, Alice Cooper (in his after years when he left his band in the beginning of his career, and the music is compared to that of Electric Light Orchestra. "I" is another typical Kiss rocker. There is a final track (uncredited), entitled "Finale," where it is a short orchestra number, similar to "fanfare."

    Call it different, call it theatrical, call it a Rock Opera album for Kiss. Very different to the albums with original drummer Peter Criss. The album cover would be the first without showing any of the band members. Also a new drummer was in the band. Music From The Elder is really no different than any previous Kiss album: This album rocks in its own right, and IS a very well orchestrated album. The different musical approach would be good for Kiss, and for the typical Kiss fan, this album will, and should be enjoyed by all.

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