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Jack Johnson
"To The Sea"

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track listing
  • You And Your Heart
  • to The Sea
  • No Good With Faces
  • At Or With Me
  • When I Look Up
  • From The Clouds
  • My Little Girl
  • Turn Your Love
  • The Upsetter
  • Red Wine Mistakes
  • Pictures Of People
    Taking Pictures
  • Anything But The Truth
  • Only The Ocean

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    Jack Johnson
    "To The Sea"

    Jack Johnson's first album (Brushfire Fairytales) contained the hit "Bubble Toes" -- yet his biggest successes were achieving not one, not two, but three albums to reach #1 on the Billboard Albums Chart. This week's choice, To The Sea (released in 2010) was one of those three #1 albums. Jack Johnson's music is called "Beach Music" -- It's not surfing music, it just has a good sound to listen to while relaxing on the beach. (Johnson was a surfer before he hit it big in music.)

    The two radio favorites from this album were the first and third tracks -- "You And Your Heart," and "No Good With Faces." These two songs are definitely the standouts. (Another mention is the last track, "Only The Ocean," probably considered the best "ballad" tune.)

    The title track has a pleasant sound, where "At Or With Me" has a classical piano intro (?), then kicks into the song. This tune, likewise "Pictures Of People taking Pictures" are the least favorites in my opinion. Yet "At Or With Me" is the better of the two.

    38 seconds clocks in the short piece "When I Look Up." The other "ballads" found here are "My Little Girl," and "Turn Your Love." Both slow-driven tunes, and considered balladlike. Another one to mention in this fashion is "Anything But The Truth."

    The remaining tracks left have the "happy-go-lucky" sound, which pretty much defines Jack Johnson's music. (Especially on the track "Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology." The others are "From The Clouds" and "The Upsetter."

    No doubt, this is good "beach music" to relax by. This album did reach #1 on the Albums chart, yet I felt this album may not have achieved #1 status, meaning every song stands out, and easily would reach the highest position on the chart. This album, will grow on you, after repeated listeners. It's not a bad album, yet it's not a great one either. There are songs that does fit the quiet or down time for anyone, wanting to just relax with good music in the background.

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