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Don Williams

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
Disc One:
  • Come Early Morning
  • Amanda
  • Atta Way To Go
  • The Shelter Of Your Eyes
  • We Should Be Together
  • I Wouldn't Want To Live
    If You Didn't
    Want Me
  • The Ties That Bind
  • You're My Best Friend
  • (Turn Out The Light
    And) Love Me
  • Till The Rivers
    All Run Dry
  • Say It Again
  • She Never Knew Me
  • Some Broken Hearts
    Never Mend
  • I'm Just A Country Boy
  • I've Got A Winner In You
  • Rake And Ramblin' Man
  • Tulsa Time
  • Lay Down Beside Me
  • It Must Be Love
  • Love Me Over Again
    Disc Two:
  • Good Ole Boys Like Me
  • I Believe In You
  • Falling Again
  • Miracles
  • Lord I Hope This
    Day Is Good
  • If I Needed You
  • Listen To The Radio
  • If Hollywood Don't
    Need You
  • Love Is On A Roll
  • Nobody But You
  • That's The Thing
    About Love
  • Maggie's Dream
  • Walkin' A Broken Heart
  • We've Got A Good
    Fire Going
  • Heartbeat In
    The Darkness
  • Then It's Love
  • I've Been Loved
    By The Best
  • Back In My
    Younger Days
  • True Love
  • Just As Long
    As I Have You

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    Don Williams

    Country legend Don Williams marks his debut this week, with his 2-disc Anthology. His music is pure country. Achieving 17 #1 Country hits in his career, 16 are on this compilation: "I Wouldn't Want To Live If You Didn't Want Me" (1974), "You're My Best Friend" (1975), "(Turn Out The Light And) Love Me Tonight)" (1975), "Till The Rivers All Run Dry" (1976), "Say It Again" (1976), "Some Broken Hearts Will Never Mend" (1977), "I'm Just A Country Boy" (1977), "Tulsa Time" (1978), "It Must Be Love" (1979), "Love Me Over Again" (1980), "I Believe In You" (1980), "Lord I Hope This Day Is Good" (1982), "If Hollywood Don't Need You" (1983), "Love Is On A Roll" (1983), "That's The Thing About Love" (1984), and "Heartbeat In The Darkness" (1986). The remaining #1: "Stay Young" (1984). Most anthology/best of/greatest hits compilations that does not include all of an artist's #1 hits were due to different record labels. In researching his labels, all of his #1 hits were on MCA. "Stay Young" was not on this Anthology, although his remaining #1 hits afterwards are. He did move to another label, on Capitol for two albums (1986-1987), then he moved to RCA Nashville from 1989 to 1992. American Harvest would be his next label, from 1994 to 1996, including a live album. Giant would be his next label, in 1998. He returned in 2001 for another live release on Row Music, then in 2004 on Intersound. Sugar Hill would be his most recent releases, in 2012 and 2014.

    What makes this compilation outstanding are not only his #1 hits, but the other hits/album tracks. Take the first track, "Come Early Morning" from 1973. Is this Don Williams? His baritone voice was easily recognizable, but on this track, he sounds more tenor, even sounding like a future artist, by the name of Brad Paisley. "Amanda" would be most famous by Waylon Jennings; Williams' take on this great song is just as good. "The Shelter Of Your Eyes" is also different sounding than his trademark baritone. Then the remaining non-#1 tracks are representing his rich and quality baritone voice he would be recognized and remembered for. Interesting note on his #1 "She Never Knew Me", as it is more compared to Waylon. Other #1's, "Tulsa Time" was also covered by Eric Clapton. "It Must Be Love" was covered (and hit #1 with his version) by Alan Jackson.

    All the main hits are here, from the time period of 1973-1991. His core of hits was in the late 1970s/early 1980s. His distinctive voice is well-loved by many. Don Williams is Pure Country, True Country. I've often thought that he could be one of the Highwaymen, replacing either Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings. The surviving members (Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson) were recruiting Merle Haggard recently, and we've wondered who would be the other two legend singers would be. Or, in some cases, both Cash and Jennings are irreplacable, and they would remain as they were. No word on any recordings by a newly recuited Highwaymen yet.

    If you remember the well-known hits of Country in the 1970s and 1980s decade, their is no doubt you would remember Don Williams. Although he retired, he did occassionally record new material. Don Williams' Anthology covers the main core of his great career in Country music. Absolutely a compilation to be played over and over, without any tiredness whatsover.

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