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Roger Whittaker
"The Last Farewell And Other Hits"

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Year of Release: 1975

track listing
  • New World
    In The Morning
  • Both Sides Now
  • Halfway Up A Mountain
  • Water Boy
  • The Last Farewell
  • I Don't Believe In
    If Any More
  • Good Morning Starshine
  • Sunrise Sunset
  • Whistle Stop
  • Durham Town
    (The Leavin')

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    Roger Whittaker
    "The Last Farewell And Other Hits"

    Ah, Roger Whittaker... His song "The Last Farewell" is a classic. C'mon, you've heard it, especially the intro beginning music, it has been used in lead in jingles, and was especially used on WGN Television back in the day.

    But trying to find the original version of this song (on CD) was an adventure. Of course, there are the best of/greatest hits of Roger Whittaker, and yes, "The Last Farewell" is part of the compilation. But... it wasn't the ORIGINAL versions, from what I found. Then I remembered one particular VINYL album that had the original version -- RCA's The Last Farewell And Other Hits. On to ebay, and seeing if there was a CD of this album. Finally finding it, my only regret is this album did not have as many songs as the other best of's and greatest hits I had encountered. (Especially the one that were 2 disc sets. I've always been a fan of Whittaker's... His music is pleasant, and easy to listen to, and relax by.) Classifying his music as "Adult Contemporary" or "Easy Listening," he has been compared to folk music, as his laid back and pleasant style has always been a favorite, especially to us "older folks." Yes, us older folks' parents most likely enjoyed Whittaker as well.

    Only 10 songs on this compilation, and all original versions: "New World In The Morning" (1970) was one of his most popular hits, and I do vaugely remember it. "Both Sides Now" was originally written and recorded by Joni Mitchell. Whittaker's version is a bit more "chipper" than the original. "Halfway Up A Mountain" reminds me of Peter, Paul & Mary. "Water Boy" -- Harry Belafonte. (This one actually has a Rock & Roll feel.) "The Last Farewell" -- his signature song, from 1975. Although I don't remember the entire song, it's the beginning intro I've always remembered; hearing it especially from lead-in jingles from WGN-Television.

    "I Don't Believe In If Any More" sounds theatrical in it's beginning, yet it turns into another pleasant tune. "Good Morning Starshine" (from "Hair") is a bit more poppish than the "Hair" versions. "Sunrise, Sunset" is from Fiddler On The Roof, and a very impressive version. "Whistle Stop" displays Whittaker's impressive style of whistling. (It is also heard in "New World In The Morning.") Closing out the 10-track set is another Whittaker favorite, "Durham Town (The Leavin')." It was originally recorded in 1969, and re-entered the chart in 1975. "The Last Farewell" was also originally recorded in 1971, from his album New World In The Morning. Re-entered in 1975, it would become his most biggest hit, and signature song.

    10 tracks only on this set, and you kind of wished there were more. Yes, there are 2-discs sets of his music, but most are not the original versions. This is a must for the Whittaker fan, and music fans in general. Especially for "The Last Farewell" and "Durham Town."

    Throughout his entire career, he had toured all over, and he was most popular in England. In 2007, he announced his current tour of Germany would be his last, as he retired. He does limit his performances now, calling them his "occasional concerts."

    Finding his original versions of his material is a treasure hunt. There are compilations of his music out there, but it's the originals that make a Roger Whittaker album more enjoyable to have.

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